What are your thoughts on growing Australian natives?

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We've written before about why we love Australian native gardens. In Why Have a Native Garden? and Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show Winner? we discussed why we thought Australian natives were unique and why they were so suited to a harsh environment such as our country. This included qualities such as their durability; their drought tolerance; their adaptability and the fact that they provide a haven for native birds. We also mentioned how you can access quality, yet affordable, native tube stock from Evergreen Growers to start a native garden of your own.

In our articles we describe those qualities in an Australian native garden that attract us and earn the admiration of gardeners not just in Australia but the world over. Witness the recent triumph of the Australian-themed winning exhibit at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. The entry swept all before it, created a amazing stir in the British (and world's) press and scooped the main prize. Reports say the Queen was very impressed!

However we realise that this is just half the picture. We'd like to get an idea from you about what it is about Australian native gardens that appeals to you.

Do you have an area of your garden that you put aside for native plants?

Or is your garden exclusively native?

If so, we at Evergreen Growers would like to hear from you about your experience. Which plants have worked best in your climate zone and are you considering growing more or less native plants in the future?

Over to you folks, please send your comments either here or over at our Facebook page .

We at Evergreen Growers are offering a wide variety of native tube stock, from the iconic Coast Banksia Integrifolia to the stunning Grevillea Gold Fever and the unsurpassed NSW Waratah to name just a few.

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