Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show winner? Try your own garden design

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Earlier this week we passed on the news on our of the success of the Australian design team at the prestigious . Trailfinders Australian Garden designer Philip Johnson and his Aussie team did their country proud by taking out the prestigious first prize. Not only were the team ecstatic at the award but the design inspired by an Australian bush gorge got the Royal Nod of Approval according to reports! The two million dollar design took 18 days to put together and is the first Australian design to take out the much-sought-after first prize in the event.

Wes Fleming, the Melbourne-based driving force behind the garden, tried to give voice to his elation. "I've been chasing this honour for my whole adult life so to have been awarded not only the coveted gold medal but Best in Show at the world's most highly regarded event is a moment no words can describe."

The design team's success has filled Aussie gardeners with pride at winning the coveted trophy. Perhaps the team's success has inspired you to try a few landscaping ideas in your own backyard?

Are you starting from scratch or maybe thinking of a complete makeover? Now you probably don't have the millions of dollars at your disposal as did Philip Johnson's design team. Nor can you call upon a team of disciplined, professionally trained gardeners or landscape designers to help (unless you get a knock on the door from one of those design reality shows!).

But garden design needn't be the work of experts and you can draw up a few ideas. Your design can be as complex or as simple as you wish. In fact many of the best gardens are basic designs that complement the landscape. But there are a few key questions that you need to ask.

How much space do I have? Obviously the amount of space you have available will determine the shape and style of the garden as well as the types of plants that you grow.

What style of garden do I want? Does an old fashioned cottage garden appeal to you? Or would you prefer something more modern or grandiose? Again space may determine this.

What's my climate zone? The type of plants you'll require to build your garden will depend very much on the climate zone in which you live. Determine if the plants you want will survive in your region. Once these questions have been answered you'll need to ask: What type of plants will be needed to achieve my garden design? Scour the Internet, talk to gardening design friends or take out some books from the library on garden design. Find some photos of those designs which appeal to you and decide whether or not they'll fit in with your space and requirements. Then contact us at Evergreen Growers or check and order from our website to find the right tube stock for your garden design's needs.

So gardeners, start planning ahead for that garden makeover. You may not win the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show but, with thought, planning and a little help from Evergreen Growers, you'll get a superb looking garden in time for summer.

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