Hedging & Screening Plants

Hedging or screening plants can be used to provide privacy, noise-buffering or wind-blocking. They can be grown and gradually shapes to even unusual border patterns, such as properties on sloping blocks and curved borders. Hedge plants also can serve a decorative purpose and can be shaped and trimmed into various sizes and shapes in order to draw attention and become an eye catching garden feature. For example, topiary hedges feature in many traditional English style gardens, as well as contemporary gardens where they serve as a sculptural piece that changes all year round. Box hedge plants are popular for creating borders around distinct sections of the garden.

Evergreen Growers produces a wide range of impressive hedging plants for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide properties. We are happy to ship tube stock plants to anywhere in the country. Your choice will depend on your location – some hedging plants work better than others in different climates, although all are relatively hardy by nature. You may be surprised at the number of different choices available – it’s not all just English box hedge plants! (although we do have some great specimens). There are a whole range of different native plants, including the beautiful and fragrant coastal rosemary (Westringia fruticosa).

Refine your search using the check boxes to the right to see plants which meet your specific location and requirements. If you need assistance with selecting and ordering the right plants, please feel free to call us on (02) 9653 9430.