Why You Should Choose Hedging Over Fencing

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Privacy is a key component to any home. Being able to relax in your backyard without feeling on display is a must in a busy day-to-day. Hedging or fences allows not only privacy, but also helps reduce noise and can provide some shade from the sun.

Evergreen Growers has tips on the pros and cons of hedging and fences, and why you may want to consider investing in hedging for your next garden revamp!

Hedging ads to your backyard's ambiance While a fence's main job is to shut-out the outside world, a hedge also adds to your property's overall ambiance. The hedge is likely to attract bees and other insects, which in turn attract birds “ which will allow for a pleasant soundscape of birdsong and insect wings. As a bonus, a hedge is superior in reducing dust and other pollution in your backyard!

Better property value over time What looks best “ a fence, or a lush green hedge? In the long run, hedging is likely to offer your property a higher value, due to its popularity and quality appeal. Whereas a fence will look its best on the day you installed it, a hedge only gets thicker, taller, and lusher as the years go by. If you're impatient, you can easily source mature hedges for an immediate privacy screen, as well as opting for rapid growing types that will keep you covered in no time.

Choose low-maintenance If you're considering hedging for its reputation for low maintenance, trust that there are a range of low-maintenance hedging options. While you may need to trim your hedge back and water it every once in a while, at least you won't need to oil, paint or stain it!

Opt for drought resilient plants Brisbane, like most of Australia, is vulnerable to drought. It can feel like a frustrating waste of time to spend time, money, and effort into fitting hedging around your property, only to have it wither in the next drought spell. Many Australian native plants make ideal hedging solutions, and are incredibly drought resilient. That means you won't have to worry about them perishing in Brisbane's 40 degree days!

If you'd like more advice on what you ought to choose for your backyard, you can always reach out to the experts. Evergreen Growers is passionate about helping home- and property-owners across Australia source standout hedging for their needs, that are suitable for their local climate.

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