Attract Birds to Your Garden with These Plants

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Are you an avid birdwatcher who'd like to bring your passion to your own front- and backyard? Perhaps you secretly suspect you're Snow White reborn. Whether you're just starting out, or you're already a longstanding bird spotter, you'll be thrilled to know that there are a range of known plants available that are likely to attract some beautiful sounding, beautiful looking feathered creatures straight to your home. Peek out of your window “ you won't even need binoculars!

Evergreen Growers have the tips on a range of bird-attracting flowers, well-suited for the Australian climate. Read on to learn more.

The home of the songbird Did you know songbirds originated in Australia? No wonder our great island is so spoilt for colourful and lyrical birds! By planting flowers popular with birds, you'll likely enjoy a cacophony of beautiful bird song!

Why birds are drawn to your plants You may be curious to know why birds are drawn to specific plants to begin with. In many cases they actually get drawn to the bugs that like to eat your plants “ as a natural bug repellent of sorts. So not only will your new plants stay healthy and beautiful, but they'll attract some beautiful birds, too! In the case of nectar producing trees, you're likely to attract crowds of honey eating birds looking for a delicious meal. These include fairy-wrens, eastern rosellas, noise miners, red wattlebirds, scarlet honeyeater and many more!

Banksia trees Did you know fairy-wrens love hanging near Banksia trees? Not only do they love the sweet nectar produced by the orange banksia flowers, but they also enjoy the shade and cover provided by the thick foliage. If you love the blue and orange coloured darting bird, you ought to incorporate some banksias into your backyard landscape.

Grevillea, or spider flower, is a popular plant amongst birds. The sweet nectar produced will attract honey eating birds such as eastern rosellas, fairy-wrens, and more! Beyond these two, there's a wide range of stunning, nectar producing , bird attracting plants you can choose from for your garden available country-wide!

Make your garden the local birds' favourite spot! To rig the deck, consider investing in a bird feeder and bird bath as well to provide local birds with everything they need to stay healthy and happy all year round!

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