Indoor Plant Obsessed? Here are Some Pet Friendly Alternatives

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While indoor plants are the latest home decor craze, some of them can pose as a potential health risk to your cat or dog. While you might be certain that your pets won't go after your favorite plants for breakfast, we think it's best to err on the side of caution and eliminate any plants that might tempt them.

While there's a long list of toxic plants, you still have plenty of options when it comes to non-toxic alternatives. To save you hours of research, we've put together a shortlist of that are a great option if you have a pet running around your home.

Our Pet Friendly Shortlist


Spider Plant:

Not only are they non-toxic, but they're easy to care for and grows well in low-light conditions.


Cast Iron Plant:

This low maintenance plant is a beautiful option, plus their leaves don't dangle to tempt your pets!


Boston Fern:

Non-toxic AND air purifying! What more could you want?


Bamboo Fern:

This beautiful plant is high on NASA's air-purifying plant list. Keep these in bright or indirect sunlight, and you and your pets will be happy.


Parlour Palm:

The perfect solution for pet owners looking to add a small tree to their collection. Safe, stylish and great for beginners.


Air Plants:

  A really cool and interesting plant species that's becoming more popular as the years go by. As the name suggests, these don't thrive in a pot of soil. But beware: even though these are non-toxic, pets still love chewing on their spindly leaves.


African Violet:

  A beautiful house plant with beautiful blooms. Ideal for those wanting a pop of colour in their plant collection, it comes in a variety of purple hues and thrives without bright light.


Most Succulents:

Popular varietals like echeveria and rosettes aren't problematic, but with so many succulents available on the market these days it's best to research each individual plant.


Some Herbs:

 If you're space starved in your garden, you might be one to grow your flavourful herbs on a well-lit kitchen windowsill. But unfortunately, not all herbs are pet friendly. Lavender and oregano are off limits, but basil, sage and thyme are A-OK.


  A Word of Caution

If you're unwilling to give up any of your toxic plants or feel as though any of the above won't suit your green thumb, just be sure to keep them high and out of reach, even of the highest-adventuring cat. While you may think you've placed it out of harm's way, you'll always be surprised where an inquisitive cat might reach. If you suspect your cat or dog has anything toxic, it's important that you call your vet immediately.

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