How to Naturally Keep Those Mozzies Away During Summer

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It may only just be the beginning of spring, but we bet that you can already feel the excitement and the mosquitoes in the air at the thought of longer days and evenings spent entertaining outside.

If you're tired of reaching for the repellent spray, there's a natural way of repelling these unwanted insects without the use of chemicals that not many Aussies know about. It's not a magical cure.

With a bit of time spent in the garden over the next couple of months, you can create a pest-free oasis with a simple collection of plants and herbs. If you're the type of person who goes outside for one hour and comes back with countless bites, then you'll be wondering why you didn't introduce these plants to your garden earlier.  

Basil: Not just a tasty addition to your favourite pizza or salad, basil is also a very effective way of repelling mosquitoes. Plant bushels around your garden and not only will you have an endless supply of the delicious herb, but days of incessant scratching could soon be long gone.

Catnip: Some studies show that catnip is 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitos than some sprays “ plus your cat will love it.

Lemon Balm: Instead of using a mosquito repellent spray, simply pick some lemon balm leaves fresh from your garden, crush them between your palms and rub it on your exposed skin. You'll smell great and be bite free!

Lavender: Not only do lavender bushes smell great and add a beautiful element to your garden with their purple hue, but the oil they produce repels mozzies and attracts bees. Lavender loves full sun and needs to be watered once or twice a week and can be grown in either a pot of flower bed.

Rosemary: Effective at keeping mosquitos out of your garden, and if combined with other herbs you can create a repellent salve for skin.

Peppermint: Having peppermint grow in your garden gives you so many uses. The aroma repels those pesky mozzies, and you can brew some fresh mint tea, use it garnishes in your favourite cocktails and even to freshen your breath.

Citronella: We're sure you've heard of this one before and will probably even recognise the scent! Pick some citronella blades from your garden, crush them and you can combine it with other plants from this list to make a salve, or if you've been targeted by some mosquitos simply apply it to your skin for instant relief.  

This summer, before you reach for the spray, try these natural methods and repellents that will not only keep your garden looking beautiful and smelling great, but you'll be able to enjoy it without the worry of getting bitten.

Browse the Evergreen Grower range of plants and herbs to find your own repellents, and if you'd like some advice or care tips don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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