Evergreen Growers and online shopping: bringing benefits for customers

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Shopping online has grown substantially in the last few years with Australian shoppers welcoming the choice and convenience that this form of retail selling offers.

Indeed with statistics showing online spending by Australians expected to grow to a massive $26.9 billion by 2016 and with an estimated 53 percent of Australians over the age of 15 shopping online* the future is secure.

Australian shoppers, always quick to spot a better way to save on quality plants, have taken to online shopping in a big way. Evergreen Growers was an early pioneer of online selling when owner John  Zeaiter  realised that gardeners wanted the option of buying tube stock from a nursery online. We started as a wholesale propagation nursery, providing tube stock requirements to production nurseries all over Sydney but have since realised the power of the Internet and found that the general public love to buy young plants, John  states on their website. So what is it that attracts gardeners to buying plants in tube stock from online nurseries such as Evergreen Growers? One is the convenience of surfing through a website. The fact that shopping for a whole range of tube stock (from hedging and screening plants to ground covers and climbers to fruit and edible plants and much more) is just a mouse click away makes shopping for quality plants quick and easy.

Shopping in the online age is as simple as viewing the plants of your choice, placing them in the online shopping cart and having the tube stock mailed to you.

Buying plants as tube stock also helps in keeping costs down, particularly if a number of plants are required as in hedging or mass planting on a large block of land.

While still operating as a standard nursery, John has found gardeners enjoy, and in many cases prefer, the option of choosing plants through online methods. With new tube stock being made available regularly, the shopper is spoiled for choice. Evergreen Growers is committed to providing customers with high quality plants at a reasonable price as well as maintaining a high level of customer service. Interested in trying one of Australia's premier online tube stock nurseries? Go to the Evergreen Growers website here. For more information about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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