The versatile Rosemary for healing, flavouring and visual display

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The aromatic leaves and individual taste of the rosemary plant have been highly sought after for generations as a flavouring for foods. However the versatile woody perennial herb ” a member of the mint family ” has been used in a number of other different ways. As well as making an ideal and hardy decorative hedge, rosemary has been venerated throughout history as a medicinal plant and in aromatherapy.

This versatile herb, available as tubestock at Evergreen Growers, is a must have for herb lovers, and those with a liking for drought resistant plants that are comparatively easy to grow. There are, though, a number of points to keep in mind should you decide to grow this beautiful plant. Indeed growing, and caring for, rosemary successfully means understanding its unique nature.

Here's a few pointers:

Don't give it too much attention

It's possible that more rosemary plants suffer from over watering than die from neglect. This is because the herb originates from the Mediterranean region where it has evolved to adapt to the dry climate. Therefore too much water over too long a period will kill the plant. We recommend that you water the plant daily for the first few weeks after planting but then reduce watering as the plant grows.The drought tolerant feature of the herb makes it ideal for many parts of Australia. Frost free areas may be able to grow rosemary throughout the year.

Give an occasional trim

Rosemary will benefit from an occasional trim to open out the plant and improve air flow. This will help reduce the chance of fungal diseases taking hold. The bonus is that, not only will you be able to use the trimmings as a food flavoring, in herbal remedies or a potpourri but also as cuttings. Just strip the lower leaves and place in some good quality potting mix or light, sandy soil to develop roots. Later plant out the herb in well drained soil in a sunny spot when established.

Make use of its versatility

A woody, perennial herb, rosemary has the reputation as being one of the most versatile of all herbs. Not only has it been used for centuries in cooking but also as a medicinal remedy (the plant is said to improve memory). During summer the superbly-coloured pale mauve flowers grow on spikes from the plant creating an unforgettable visual display.

For more information on the availability of rosemary at Evergreen Growers please go to our website. The plants featured on the site are the Rosmarinus officinalis variety and are sold as tube stock around 5 to 10 cm in height. The rosemary can grow to around 2 metres in height and 1.5 metres wide. More questions about rosemary or any of our tube stock? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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