Advantages of Growing Own Garden Produce

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Do you know that many fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis, during some time or the other, may have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides etc. and could carry the residual effect? Many of these carcinogenic fertilizers can have devastating consequences, affecting the overall wellbeing of the consumers. You may think that one can avoid these contaminated products by opting for organic produce available in the market. However, wouldn't it be great if you could grow organic foodstuff in your own garden? Gardening has immense health benefits and nurturing a kitchen garden can improve the overall wellbeing a person in many ways. Availability of Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs: You needn't depend on commercially produced fruits or vegetables for consumption. Buy the best seeds, seedlings, or plants, use organic methods to nurture these, and enjoy the fruits of your labour literally. Families with own kitchen garden will be able to consume more healthy fruits and vegetables than a family who is dependent on commercial produce. Growing own herbs like Oregano, Chives, Rosemary etc. can be the crowning glory as these mostly fragrant herbs are essential ingredients in cosmetic and cooking industry. Financially Viability: Growing own produces is definitely a cheaper option “ consumption-wise and health-wise. Protection of the Environment: In addition to causing distress to human lives, herbicides and other pesticides destroy the natural composition of the soil. It can have a cascading effect on water, the lives of other vegetation, aquatic animals etc. Organic produce grown at own gardens can reduce this danger to a great extent. A Great Form of Exercise: Any kind of gardening is a great workout for the body. It is the best way to obtain your daily dose of Vitamin D from the Sun. No more difficulty in calcium absorption and no more aches and pains of the joints especially among the elders. Mental Satisfaction: The enjoyment of seeing your labour taking shape gives a mental high, and a happy frame of mind means a happier existence. Daily interaction with plants can be a great stress-buster. One can forget the tensions and worries and relax among the plants. Green plants/trees, through photosynthesis, increase the oxygen content of the atmosphere and reduce harmful carbon dioxide. In a nutshell, nurturing a garden full of fruits, herbs, flowers, or vegetables can be physically, mentally, and financially satisfying. Improve your health, wealth, and happiness by taking up gardening as a pastime.

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