Spectacular Beauty of Camellias for Your Garden

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Camellias are one of the most beautiful flowering plants that can transform your garden into a magical realm. The biggest attraction of all camellias is versatility as there are a great number of them, and each is spectacular in its unique beauty. Many of the varieties will allow you to create a hedge that will look truly magnificent while in bloom. However, there are some species are small enough to grow in hanging baskets. We offer a wide range of camellia varieties here, at Evergreen Growers. However, there are several things you should keep in mind to successfully cultivate camellias on Australian soil. The following pointers will help you:

Find a semi-shaded spot Camellias need sunlight to form the flower buds they are famous for, but both their leaves and flowers can easily burn under the scorching sun. Therefore, you should plant them in a semi-dark spot. Place the bushes in an area where they will be protected from the worst of the midday sun. Be careful not to plant them too close to walls due to heat reflection, or right next to big trees as their large roots will cause much interference. You should also remember that these elegant plants don't deal with the wind well, so they will require strong protection from this element.

Provide it with slightly acidic soil In theory, camellias can grow in a variety of soils, from gardens with plenty of organic matter to heavy soils loaded with clay particles. The latter occurs in some areas of China where these deceptively frail-looking beauties successfully grow in the wild. The perfect setting for your new batch of camellias is slightly acidic soil that offers good drainage around the roots. If you already have azaleas and gardenias flourishing in your garden, camellias will thrive as well.

Water when young One of the most amazing things about these plants is that they are surprisingly resilient to extended periods of heat, which makes them the perfect choice for many areas of Australia. However, the plant gains this resilience over time. While your camellias are young, they will require a deep watering at least once a week.

Don't overdo it Overwatering is as deadly to camellias as overfeeding. These plants are remarkably undemanding and will actually grow better if left alone most of the time. A wise choice of location and an occasional deep watering, as well as some heavy pruning, will provide you with a garden full of amazingly beautiful flowers.

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