Do You Know the Benefits of Container Gardening?

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Growing plants in containers is a practice that has existed for thousands of years. In some places, this is the only way to grow certain varieties of plants all year round as winters there are too cold. However, if we dig a little deeper, we can see that the benefits of container gardening go well beyond this. The most notable advantages of growing your plants in portable pots are:

Reduced risk of diseases and pests Potted plants are less susceptible to diseases than those grown in the soil. This is a fact proven by thousands of gardeners from different parts of the world. Some pests will not be able to harm plants grown in containers instead of the open soil. Even if contamination by insects or a disease does occur, you will be able to isolate the affected plant easily and protect the rest of your garden.

Less labour, more enjoyment Weeding, and generally caring for plants grown in containers is much easier. You save time and effort while getting all the benefits offered by a beautiful garden. In addition, you will be able to keep all your plants well-fed as fertilizing a limited amount of soil in a pot is a quick and simple task.

You can ˜remodel' your garden whenever it strikes your fancy If you enjoy creating beautiful arrangements and redecorating your garden often, containers will be the best option for you. Not only can you move them around easily, but you can also ˜plant' together species that cannot actually grow next to each other due to their differences in requirements. However, don't forget that some plants have strict requirements regarding lighting, so be sure to keep them hidden from the relentless sun.

Perfect for a test run If you are unsure about how a certain plant will grow in a shady or sunny area in your garden, placing a container with it in the spot will allow you to observe its progress. The best thing about testing the waters this way is that you can save the plant the moment you see the environment is too much for it. You can place several pots with different plants and note which grow best in this particular spot.

Fun pastime with your kids The benefits of gardening are numerous, and there is scientific evidence to prove this. So, introducing your children to this activity is a great idea. Containers are the perfect option as they are easier to tend to and you can grow an assortment of plants that your children love to keep them interested.

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