Why Buy Ornamentals?

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Ornamental trees and plants are grown purely for their beauty - they are inedible, but offer something extra to a garden. Ornamentals can be trees or flowers, and cover a number of different types of each of those things.

While growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs to provide for your plate, and medicinal plants to help heal your body, are both very good uses of your gardening time, growing ornamental plants can instill within you a sense of pride in what you are able to do. You can show off the flowers you grow through pruning or picking them, giving them to others, or putting a bouquet in a vase or a potted plant near the entrance to your home. This will open up more conversations and encourage connection with others¦ plus, you might get some great gardening tips!

If you are thinking about growing your own herbs, fruits, or vegetables, growing ornamental plants is a great way to practice your gardening skills. Why invest in seeds for plants that you want to eat without knowing if you will be able to get the plants to grow? Ornamentals can also help a garden by doing more than looking pretty - they can make sure pests don't reach food-bearing plants or that wind doesn't knock over any new seedlings. They can also provide shade to you and to the plants that need it.

Growing any plants will provide you with better health, since gardening is a physical activity that can also calm the mind. In addition to the above reasons, being surrounded by beauty is scientifically proven to be good for your mental health! Flowers are natural mood moderators, impacting both immediate and long-term happiness, and even encouraging connections between people. We have over 120 different ornamental plants that you can invest in. Decide what color flower you want, when you want it to bloom, and how much work you are willing to put into care, and we guarantee that there will be a flowering plant among the choices we have that will fulfill all of your requirements. We recommend buying flowers that bloom at different times so that you can be surrounded by beauty year-round. By buying an ornamental plant, you are not only deciding to add more beauty to your life, you are deciding to help your mental and physical health as well.

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