Benefits of Ornamental Plants

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Plants “ ornamental or edible “ help sustain life on the Earth. Indoor and outdoor plants improve the aesthetics of our homes and offices, and also contribute towards a greener planet. While edible plants add in a big way towards our nutritional sustenance (sense of taste), ornamental plants appeal to some of our other senses benefitting us in numerous ways. Visual Appeal: Ornamental/flowering plants “ climbers, creepers, hedge plants, or garden plants - are all pleasing to the eyes. Additionally, some may provide shade while others help protect privacy. Few plants appeal to the olfactory sense while others add elegance to our home. Jasmine, Lavender, and other aromatic flowers appeal to both visual and olfactory senses. A pathway lined with ornamental conifers, pines, or palms can be pleasing and calming at the same time. Natural Air Purifiers: Plants act as natural filters and purify the air during photosynthesis. Having few ornamental plants in pots, baskets, or containers in the living room will improve the oxygen content of the air inside the house. Higher oxygen content contributes towards better health. Create own ecosystem: Pollinating agents like insects, birds, bats etc. as regular visitors adds to the charm of a flowering garden. Prevent soil erosion: Many beautifully-textured ornamental grasses used for landscaping can help prevent soil erosion. Trees like pines, firs, willows etc. are good for hillside gardens. Improve concentration: Nature with its bountiful flora and fauna has always been believed to improve concentration. Studies suggest that having indoor plants at homes, offices, and schools could aid in bettering memory and concentration resulting in better productivity. Reduce stress: People believe that indoor plants in offices may reduce the stress level among employees raising their efficiency and output. Happiness Factor: Just looking at a blooming flower or a swaying palm tree increases one's happiness quotient. Studies suggest that fitness exercises and recreational activities performed in the lap of nature “ among plants and flowers “ contribute to the overall wellbeing of the performer. Home Remedies: Roots, leaves, stems, or flowers of some ornamental plants like Calendula, Lavender etc. are considered good old grandma's home remedies for many small ailments. Almost everyone talks about global warming, climate change, and the resultant natural disasters. To overcome this manmade mess, the need of the hour is more green cover.

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