Turn Your Garden Into A Tropical Paradise

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Just because winter is quickly creeping up on us and shattering our bones with its freezing chill doesn't mean we can't prepare our gardens for the warmth coming around the corner.

In anticipation for the warmth that greets us at the end of the long winter, why not turn your garden into a tropical oasis?

The joy you will receive from stepping out into the garden on that first warm day of the year, enjoying the sun and its flowing rays on your paradisiacal garden will reinvigorate your love for the home and your love for the birth of spring.

Read on for tips on how to turn your non-tropics home into a tropical haven.

Be wise with your plant choice and plant densely When designing your Bali-esque garden it is important to select lush plantation and evergreen foliage. Luckily, there are plenty of plants that do just that. It is important that within your garden you create something of a microclimate. This can be done through hard structures or plantation, and they work against the effects of summer winds and winter freezes.

You can then begin the laying of a quality, well-draining mix that can be easily managed, and covered by organic mulch which will hold the garden's moisture and stop the roots from drying out through the summer. You want to create a dense garden, and this means planting densely.

There is the potential that you may have to remove plantation if things become overgrown however you want the garden to look lush, with a myriad of plants creating that ultimate rainforest effect. Choose large-leaf foliage plants for the base, and add colourful flowering plants to give it that extra touch of vibrancy. Plant choices for non-tropical climates include the bird of paradise, angel's trumpets, and, of course, beautiful bougainvillea's. For vivid oranges and reds choose cannas and clivias plants. Once you have grown a microclimate you can begin to try out new semi-tropical plants which often yield great results despite the non-tropical climate.

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