DIY Chia Pets: A Lesson In Nature And Nurture

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Chia pets are all the rage with young kids and are a great addition to the family garden or to sit on the windowsill inside. Teach your kids the importance of nurturing when it comes to the environment with this no-fuss DIY hobby project.

What you will need:

Potting soil

2 tbs chia seeds

1 small terra cotta pot

1 small dish

1 knee-length nylon sock or stocking

A spray bottle

2 googly eyes

Rubber bands

Permanent marker or permanent paint

Step 1: Soak your chia seeds in water overnight.

Step 2: The next morning, you can put the soaked seeds in the toe of the nylon sock or stocking.

Step 3: Add the potting soil to cover the chia seeds and tie a tight knot to tighten the nylon around the soil. You'll need to add enough to make a ball larger than the rim of your terra cotta pot.

Step 4: Place the ball of soil in the pot so that the knot is invisible inside the pot.

Step 5: Use the rubber bands to make ears or shape your chia pet to resemble whichever type of animal you like.

Step 6: Apply the googly eyes and draw on a nose and/or smile.

Step 7: Make sure you keep your pet in a place where he or she can get exposure to sunlight. You may consider keeping it in a sheltered place outside or on a sunny windowsill inside.

Step 8: Spray your chia pet with the water bottle every day.

Step 9: Wait patiently for your chia pet's hair to grow!

Chia pets are such a great introduction to gardening for young children and are a great tool to teach your kids about the patience and care it takes to grow not only plants but anything from scratch. They are great fun for the whole family! You can help your children build a little chia community ” Mamma Chia, Papa Chia and all their little baby Chias ” and you can give them a bunch of different looks and accessories! You can completely customise your chia pets by using a range of different DIY crafts, extending your kid's learning to encompass creativity and innovation.

Teach your child to sew and help them add patches to the sock or stocking before you create your pet! Or perhaps you can inspire their imagination to paint with fabric paint on the sock or stocking before you add the chia seeds and soil.

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