The NZ Christmas Bush: all the colours of the festive season

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A number of Australian plants and shrubs often associated with this time of year are the ones known as the Christmas Bush.

Confusingly there are a number under this name though they are different species.

One example is the (Prostanthera lasianthos), another is the (Ceratopetalum).

However another, perhaps lesser-known, species from our part of the world is the glorious NZ Christmas Bush (Metrosideros Thomasii). Again it may have been named for its magnificent display of summer flowers (around the Christmas season) and in this it shares its characteristics with its Australian cousins.

The NZ Christmas Bush is classed as a small tree. Growing up to four to five metres in height and two metres in width , the bush is perfectly suited for hedging. Its magnificent display of orange/red flowers occurs around the warmer months while soft plant growth will happen year round.

More importantly for gardeners wishing to preserve water is that the Metrosideros Thomasii is classed as hardy, requiring little water and maintenance after it is first established. If growing as a hedge, some pruning is necessary though it is recommended that this be done with a light touch.

The NZ Christmas Bush will tolerate coastal conditions and periods of mild drought once it has established its root system. It thrives in a sunny location in well drained soil and can tolerate some wind.

Available now from from Evergreen Growers as tube stock, each 12-15 mm tall plant will arrive at your address in a standard 50 mm pot, ready for planting.

The plant will already have started to develop its root system and is ready to place in the ground.

We advise that you water each day in the first 2-3 weeks after planting out to enable the NZ Christmas Bush to adapt to its new location.

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