The correct way to handle tube stock seedlings

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Perhaps you've just taken delivery of some tube stock plants from online nursery Evergreen Growers but you're wondering about the best way to handle them. You may ask yourself:

How can I minimise shock to the plant and prevent damage to the delicate roots? Care does needs to be taken when you handle young plants and seek to transfer them into the ground. As discussed in our Grower's Guide on our main page, there are a number of steps that need to be followed in order to increase the chances of a healthy plant.

Water well before taking out of the pot. After removing the bag in which the plant was transported, ensure that you water the seedling very well. Thoroughly soak the plant while making sure the water drains away from the tube stock.

Do not remove the plant from the pot using the stem. The stem is a delicate part of the plant, therefore it is advised that you not remove the plant this way. Instead, as our Growers' Guide recommends, turn it upside down and tap the underside of the pot to release the tube stock gently.

Then dig the right sized hole to suit the tube stock, plant at the correct depth and water in carefully. If not planting straight away, keep in a sheltered place and water regularly so the roots don't dry out. Easy isn't it?

All of our plants are sold in 50 mm or 75 mm pots and great care is taken to ensure that the plant ” propagated on-site ” reaches your address in the best possible health.

Buying stock in this fashion helps keep prices down, after all why pay exorbitant prices for plants?

However you need to do your bit to help the all important transition stage from tube stock seedling to the ground. By following the above steps you maximise the chances of your quality tube stock growing into a happy, healthy plant.

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