Keep Your Garden Growing For Winter

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I write this as I sit in my living room, extremely cold, and with multiple layers on. It's darn chilly outside, and it's only just turning to winter.

Each year I forget how cold it can get, and as the month of June creeps chillingly closer, I have to remind myself to get out into the cold and do a few things to ensure my garden stays fertile throughout the colder months.

I often have people asking, ˜how is your garden still so lush after winter?' and I tell them the same answers every time, some of which I would like to share with you here

Take your fragile plants indoors Many people opt to leave their annuals or perennials outside during the winter months, which often leads to a premature death. You simply have to bring the plants inside during the coldest part of the year, and take them out for at least a week when the weather gets a bit warmer. This system is basically to avoid them freezing outside, so when it's not so frosty they can be returned to the warmth.

Cover vegie garden seedlings Autumnal vegetables may need protection throughout the winter. Many can survive around freezing point but if you are in an area where it gets much colder it is necessary to cover your patches in blankets overnight. If the weather gradually warms up throughout the day, you will need to remove the blankets so that the patch receives air and does not overheat, plastic is a good option, but if it heats up it is vitally important to remove the blankets when it warms up so that the vegies below don't fry.

Plant bulbs for spring! This is necessary for providing an element of life to your garden for when the winter months warm up and things look brighter outside. Get planting with spring bulbs such as tulips and daffodils and remember to plant the bulbs with their roots facing downwards. You are still able to plant bulbs even if it has a sprout at the top.

Contact Evergreen Growers for more tips If you would like to receive more tips on the protection of your garden throughout winter, or would like to find out how to get it really going for spring, feel free to get in contact with us here at Evergreen Growers.

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