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How growing your own edible garden will make you a happier person

Don't worry, put your gardening gloves on and relax. It has been proven that gardening can help you feel relaxed and reduce stress levels. Growing your own edible garden will make you happier. Lets look at how gardening increases happiness.


Growing and grounding

The simple act of touching fresh earth and soil can directly impact brain health. This is known as grounding. The soil contains all these energy-boosting electrons that can be absorbed by the body helping to aid with pain relief, improve sleep patterns and enhance general mood and wellbeing. Next time your in the garden you might want to remove the gloves and get your hands dirty in the soil, see how you feel after.


Plant a seed and watch it grow

The act of planting, growing and maintaining a crop until you have something useful to show for it is very rewarding. It is a way to grow self worth and achieve gratifying, tangible and edible evidence of our labours. Those ambitious gardeners can even create a vegetable garden masterpiece. A well-planned and carefully maintained vegetable garden can turn a bare landscape into a colorful landscape and a thriving ecosystem.


Grow your appreciation of food

Growing food provides gardeners with an understanding and appreciation of foods and its origin. It shows us all how to live simply and as we all know, food tastes better when you pick it from your own garden. Growing your fruit and vegetables means you can be a producer and not just a consumer. Of course the added benefit is it's more economical to grow your own food. You can enjoy having your own, customized garden full of fresh, organic produce with no added chemicals or pesticides.



As gardeners will know, gardening provides exercise and enjoyment. It improves your mobility, endurance, strength and flexibility. Whether you're hauling bucket loads of water or digging up carrots, your pulse will be racing faster. This means blood flow to the brain is increased and with that the body fires off a number of feel-good endorphins around the body.


When we plant, we leave the world just a bit better than the way we found it.

Here at Evergreen Growers we like to make growing your edible garden easy and affordable.

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