Clever Climbers

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Climber plants have a natural tendency to climb, and some will even cling by themselves, without requiring any tying to support. Yes, climbers are very clever plants. Sometimes climbers can be called vines and runners, and the true climbers take up little ground space. They are a great investment and an ideal choice for smaller gardens and space. Lets look more closely at the key benefits of the clever climbers.


Aesthetic Benefits

Climber plants can dramatically change the feel and style of an outdoor space. They add interest and variety to any well-designed garden. Climbers often continue to flowering when their host has finished blooming. They will change the aesthetic of your space by hiding any boundaries and cover-ups that divide your space. Perfect for growing over a fence, providing privacy or for covering an old shed or building.


Environmental benefits

Yes, the clever climber can reduce your carbon footprint. Climbers provide shading and insulation for walls. Some varieties such as Boston Ivy even provide the added advantage of allowing warmth through winter when the leaves fall off. Other varieties such as Virginia creeper will also help to keep moisture out of the walls. And don't worry, climbers will not damage brickwork.


Economy of Nature

The climbing habit is a perfect example of the economy of nature. This is because the climbers gain maximum exposure to sunlight, water and nutrients while in return they ask for minimum expense in vegetative support. Most of the time the climbing habit can be contained and managed with trellises and a little bit of sensible pruning.


The creative climber

The creative climber connoisseurs will love using the climber plants in different innovative ways. One of our favourite ideas is to allow the climbers to cascade from window boxes. Geraniums and bougainvillea's perform best for this. You can also give that bleak retaining walls a softer and more colourful side by planting multiple of the same species and allowing them to cascade down. The opportunities are endless if you chose to climb outside the box. And did you know climbers are a natural magnet for butterflies and wildlife? Yes, not only people love climbers, the butterflies, birds and bees will be attracted to your new climber. This cute little climber is called a Dipladenia and is actually a member of the mandevilla family. These attractive vining plants have really become very popular lately due to the fact they are easy to grow and have plenty of flowers all season long. You will be inspired when you explore our Climbers & Groundcovers section.

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