Creative Ideas for DIY Planters

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Planters are a versatile gardener's tool. They are a fantastic way to have a garden when you don't have much space, if you can't have in-ground garden beds (perhaps you have a concreted back yard), you want an easy-to-maintain vegetable patch or you want to simply contain a certain flower or plant within an area. Not only are they practical for these and many more reasons, a planter can provide a great aesthetic value to a space. It's so easy to get creative in building box planters, and upcycling planters out of household items. Here are a few simple ideas for creating planters to try.

Pallets This is an oldie but a goodie. Using pallets as vertical planters creates a simple but effective rustic planter that is super easy for a beginner's DIY project that looks amazing and takes up very little space. It's a perfect option for a balcony planter, and serves as a fantastic vegetable or herb garden.

Wall-Hanging Jars Hang up some jars with string and plant succulents, cacti or flowers such as pansies or petunias. Another creative idea is to glue a cute teacup and saucer together and use as a hanging planter. Make sure that you drill a drainage hole, using a diamond-head drill bit so the glass or porcelain doesn't shatter.

Lego This one's for those with patience! You can create an eclectic planter with colourful bricks. You can build it small enough for a windowsill or bedside table, or big enough for a full-size planter box.

Suitcase Using a suitcase as a planter is an adorable and quaint idea. Find an old vintage suitcase at an op shop or flea market, put in some soil and then you have the perfect foundation for a planter that looks great and takes up so little space.

Wheelbarrow An old wheelbarrow is another simple yet effective idea for a planter box. Plant it with vegetables, or a bouquet of overflowing flowers for a spectacular effect.

Old Boots Old boots need not be thrown away to land fill! Instead, give them a new lease on life and fill them with succulents instead. You can feel like you're doing your bit for the environment and get something cute a pretty to look at as well. At Evergreen Growers, we encourage creativity around gardening.

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