A Few Items That Will Make Your Gardening Experience Easier

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There's nothing more lovely and relaxing than spending a day pottering around your garden, toiling away leisurely in the sunshine and seeing the fruits of your labour grow and bloom, and watching it transform throughout the seasons and evolve over time.

While gardening isn't exactly rock and roll, we still think it's a pretty wonderful past time, and certainly a worthy creative pursuit. Some lucky people get to make successful careers as gardeners, and some charismatic folks have made enough of an impact in the gardening world to become celebrity gardeners. Here are a few that you should know about.

Kim Wilde You may recognise her name and know her as the singer of the hit 80s song Kids in America, but did you also know that she is an avid gardener as well? Suffering with anxiety and poor mental health in the midst of her successful music career, Wilde moved to the countryside and turned to horticulture to help her through her difficulties. She cultivates a beautiful garden at her home, and advocates for gardening for those with mental health issues or others who are vulnerable. Lancelot  Brown Lancelot Brown was perhaps the most famous landscape gardener to come out of England, and is credited as being England's greatest gardener. He made several contributions to the English style of gardening, and also for pioneering the Serpentine style and his signature of incorporating undulating lawns into his designs. He worked on several high-profile estates and gardens, designing over 170 parks throughout his lifetime, many of which still exist

. Edith Wharton Not only was she a brainy beauty, with a Pulitzer Prize and several Nobel Prize nominations on her CV, Edith Wharton was also an extremely talented gardener. An acclaimed literary figure, Wharton wrote extensively about her greatest passion, gardening, and also spent plenty of time on her hobby as well. She cleverly designed her own landscape garden at her residence, The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Alan Titchmarsh English novelist, broadcaster and journalist, Titchmarsh was also a professional gardener for a portion of his career, as well as reporting extensively on the subject. He also cemented his role as a celebrity gardener by making several appearances on gardening television programs throughout the years. At Evergreen Growers, we're gardeners selling plants to gardeners.

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