Creating a Toddler-Friendly Garden

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The warmer weather is approaching, and that means a lot more family time in the great outdoors! Whether that means adventuring out to the botanical gardens or going on camping trips, or adventures in your own backyard, you're sure to have endless fun helping your little ones get in touch with nature over the coming months. But, if you have toddlers running around your backyard, it's best to make sure that your set up is as toddler-friendly as can be “ but how to know where to start? For an easy starting point, we have the three simple steps that you can follow to begin your toddler-friendly set up.

Plant Experimentation Areas Kids love being outdoors, and they also love doing stuff with their hands! At this inquisitive age, it's important to teach them about the importance of growing healthy food, and teaching them where it comes from. Plus, it's a lot of fun for them too, and they can get their hands dirty! Start a little kid's veggie patch in your garden if you have the space, and help them plant herbs and veggies like carrots, tomatoes and beans. If you're feeling extra whimsical while setting up your toddler's area, incorporate a little fairy garden or safari park for their toys to play in.

Don't Shy Away from Colour! In a toddler-friendly garden, or any garden for that matter, there's no such thing as too much colour. Plus, bright colours and a wide variety of shapes help stimulate their imaginations and encourage their learning and development. Have fun planting a range of potted colours, beautiful natives, succulents and veggies “ and don't be afraid to get the paint brush out to make it extra colourful!

Make Sure It's Safe When it comes to safety, your garden is no different to every room in your home. Lock up any sharp tools, chemicals and fertiliser, steer away from any sharp corners and consider less concrete and pavers when landscaping. Incorporate more grass for soft landings, or if that's not possible consider investing in some artificial grass. Setting up a play area will also help them from exploring any unsafe areas “ set up a cubby house or a tent that can act as their own little comfort area. The most important part of creating a toddler-friendly garden is to have fun with it, and make sure it's safe. If you need an extra helping hand finding seedlings to plant or what colourful plants you could incorporate, get in touch with the experts at Evergreen Growers today.

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