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Do you have that one neighbour whose yard reminds you of the Garden of Eden? Beautiful flowers that blossom all year round, well-trimmed hedges that surprisingly never overgrow, and those fountains you see in movies of cupid-like angels gushing water from their mouths?

I know, it must be hard living right next to them with your withering flowers, your kids constantly trampling on your plants “ not to mention the dog always digging holes and damaging the soil.

Well, the good news is, all this can change if you follow the 3 steps below to transform your junkyard into an earthly paradise.

Rule 1: Take the junk out! Okay, so you literally detest the 30 seconds you spend parking your car into the driveway because you have to come face to face with the monster that is your yard. On one side, your failed attempt to start a cabbage nursery; on another, a rotting kennel of the dog you once had in 1995. When will it end! So step one, roll up your sleeves, and take all the junk out. Clear all the unnecessary memoirs you have, like the radio you used when in college. I mean, seriously? Why would you leave such things lying around in your yard?

Rule 2: Respect the yard! So now you've completed the gruelling task of spending 5 hours in the scorching sun clearing the junk out. What's next? Well, we now move on to the second and most important part of the exercise. Learn to give your yard the respect it deserves. You can start by emphasising to your family the importance of keeping the yard neat and tidy. A great conversation for teenagers would be like, œhey guys, I know you want to bring your friends over but picture how disgusted they will be when they find out here's where old spare parts are brought! If you have a pet, potty train them to respect the outside of the house just as much as the inside.

Rule 3: Beautify! This should be so much fun considering you just overcame the 2 hardest steps. Find the right set of plants that suit your home. I'm talking durable all year round plants. If you're looking for the perfect flowers to impress your guests, the African Iris blossoms really beautiful ones. For a great hedge, why not try the Photinia Red Robin? You will definitely be giving that pompous neighbour a run for their money with such style.

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