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You didn't think it was possible, did you? That one day you would be standing in front of your own tree nursery just waiting for the luscious fruits to ripen so that you can dig into those juicy, tasty treats. Wait, is this still a dream for you? Well, if you have some extra space in your yard, then converting it into a nursery can be a great idea. Here are a few reasons why.

Save that extra dollar Long gone will be the days of heading down to the supermarket just to satisfy your fruity cravings, or being on the lookout for the fruit vendor in your neighbourhood. All you need to do is simply pluck a couple of ripe fresh apples from the nursery, or dig out plump pineapples in the earth. Besides, fruits are so expensive these days, I wouldn't mind getting a little dirt on my jeans for a free juicy watermelon.

It's healthy and nutritious Just think back on the lunches you had last week in the office. I bet not even one of them had a fruit involved in the equation. As office workers, we are hard wired to eat high energy giving foods, such as carbohydrates and proteins, giving very little attention to fruits. So, in short, we eat junk, and then get really surprised when we've added a couple of kilos. Fruits can be a great substitute to all the junk you've been eating. Not only do they exhibit low fat properties, they also add essential nutrients that were missing all along. So, next time, instead of having a steak for lunch, why not pack some of your home grown sliced fruits to the office?

Fruits have many purposes During summer, the heat gets can get so unbearable. Why not blend some of your home grown fruits and make ice chilled juice as a treat? You can even encourage your kids to put up a juice stand to earn some extra money. Fruits can also serve as great delicacies before meals; not to mention making treats such as fruit cakes and salads. So you see, fruits aren't only delicious and healthy, they can also be a great source of income and also great for other cooking activities. To get the best robust seedlings in Australia for your fruit tree nursery, Evergreengrowers has tremendously cheap offers on healthy fruits such black passion fruit, mulberry black and many others.

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