Thinking of growing deciduous trees?

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As autumn leaves begin to fall, making for some of the most spectacular times of year for deciduous trees, you may be considering which of these may be suitable to grow in the garden as the last month of autumn approaches. It's a quite magical time of year, when autumn leaves turn golden, red and crimson and fall to the ground making a colourful (if messy!) carpet of leaves.The effect can be dramatic on a large scale, particularly when deciduous trees are used as part of a streetscape or large bushland park.

If you enjoy the autumn leaves look -- and think that a large deciduous tree would look good as a feature in your own garden it's important to remember two things:

1. Some deciduous trees grow very tall and may be more suited to parks and large gardens than the ordinary-sized suburban backyard.

2. Those superbly coloured leaves, so indicative of autumn, still need to be cleaned up! Determining the type of autumn leaves that would be suitable for your garden is therefore of paramount importance.

Do the research to find out which deciduous plants are best suited to your garden but more importantly, find out how tall the deciduous trees will end up growing? This is specially important for those of us with limited growing space where it may be wise to look for more manageable tree sizes.

For example the Chinese Tallow (see pic above) is a magnificent smaller deciduous tree that can grow up to 5-7 metres high (reaching 1.5 metres in its first year). Available for pre order from Evergreen Growers, this tree is low maintenance and suited for most small to medium-sized backyards. Don't hesitate to contact us at Evergreen Growers should you have a query about trees and their suitability for your block.

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