The wonderful Hebe ticks all the boxes

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One of the plants we selected for a discussion post on our this week was the glorious Hebe Blue Gem.

The Blue Gem is one of those adaptable plants available from Evergreen Growers that ticks all the boxes: hardy, drought and frost resistant and looks fantastic.

The Hebe is part of the family of shrubs which hails from New Zealand. Growing one metre tall and wide the cultivated hybrid available from Evergreen Growers (Hebe x franciscana) requires little maintenance once established; prefers moist, draining soil; enjoys semi shade to full sun and will tolerate coastal conditions.

The plant may be bought from Evergreen Growers as quality grown tube stock and will arrive to your door ready for planting out. The Hebe is, at this stage, 20-25cm and comes in 75mm pots. It is recommended that the plant be planted out in the garden as soon as possible before the roots become too used to the pot in which they arrive. Once established, the Hebe is a low maintenance shrub which requires little or no maintenance.

A beautiful low-growing plant, the Hebe will act just as well as a feature or as a pot plant but is possibly best suited as a low, informal hedge. Just imagine the sight of the spectacular violet flowers opening in unison in the warmer months!

Intriguingly the plant genus is named after the Greek goddess of youth. Is that because the plant reminds one of one's youth? Or because it inspires everlasting life? Will a hedge of the low growing Hebes revitalise your garden? The answer to the last must be yes as the superb violet flowers in summer and autumn are matched by the shrub's dark green foliage.

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