The Lilly Pilly -- versatile, tough and native beauty (Part One)

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Every now and then Evergreen Growers will be publishing helpful and informative articles about selected plants and flowers. This week sees the start of a two part series on the magnificent lilly pilly. Lovers of Australian native flora need no introduction to the superb lilly pilly, often referred to as the Australian cherry because of the reddish or purplish fruits they bear.

The lilly pilly is a robust plant, needing only moderate watering after it is established and is adapted to almost every climate zone in Australia. Indeed many an Aussie garden or street may feature at least one of these bird-attracting trees. However, as some varieties do grow into quite a large tree (30 metres or more), they may be considered unsuitable for many Australian backyards. Luckily though the tough and robust lilly pilly is also now available in a range of cultivars including dwarf varieties which make excellent hedging plants. It is some of these cultivars (available at Evergreen Growers) that we will look at today.

Dwarf Lilly Pilly (Acmena Smithii Minor)  This variety grows to around 3-5 metres in height and 2 metres wide making it the ideal hedging plant. The small and dense leaf structure and edible fruit make this a true all round addition as a screening plant which also gives your garden a lift with its dark red/bronze foliage and creamy white flowers. Available now at Evergreen Growers as tube stock, please see our dwarf lilly pilly page for more information

Lilly Pilly (Acmena Smithii)  Larger than the dwarf lilly pilly at around 6 metres in height and 3 metres in width, the lilly pilly also makes an ideal screening plant where more height is required or space available. However its striking foliage also make it an excellent feature tree. Also available at Evergreen Growers, see here for more information on the lilly pilly.

Lilly Pilly Dwarf Magenta Cherry (Syzygium Paniculata Dwarf)  We also have available the wonderful dwarf variety of the Magenta Cherry which, at 2-3 metres high and 1 metre wide again doubles as a superb, closely formed foliage and edible fruits which can be made into jams and jellies. Pre-order tube stock now at Evergreen Growers.

Lilly Pilly Small Leaf (Syzygium Luehmannii)  If a smaller-sized leaf is more suited to your garden, why not try the Lilly Pilly Small Leaf which grow to 6-8 metres high and 2-3 metres in width. Also great as a hedging plant, the small leaf also can be used as a topiary subject. The cranberry-like berries are popular as a bush food.  

Tiny Trev Lilly Pilly (Syzygium Australe Dwarf Form)  If you are restricted by space but still want to grow a lilly pilly the Tiny Trev Lilly Pilly will suit your needs. Only 1.2 metres high and 1 metre in width the Tiny Trev lends itself to patios and small gardens and can feature as a low hedge which still allows plenty of light.

Tube stock can now be pre-ordered through Evergreen Growers ” check our information page for more details.

There we have just some of the varieties of Lilly Pilly available at Evergreen Growers, for any questions about availability or further information please contact us here. Next week we examine the problems that may occur with lilly pillys and what you can do about them.

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