Spring and our new website is launched!

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The Hebe Blue Gem. One of our featured plants. Last week saw us launch our new website to coincide with spring. Packed full of new, interesting and informative features, the site has already been given the thumbs up by readers on our . Aimed squarely at improving the visitor's experience, the site boasts a number of practical features to match its fresh, new, updated style. The site has a range of features to make your visit more enjoyable and safe. Here's just a few:

  • Ease of use. The Evergreen Growers website is now more user friendly than ever. Designed for a range of platforms from a desktop to tablets and mobiles, the new interface is easy to access as you navigate around the site.
  • More information. We've focused on giving you the customer as much information about our available plants as possible. Under our œmore information tab you'll now find extended details about each product we sell. This includes: Plant description; Plant attributes and a Grower's guide. These give you the opportunity to delve into the plant's attributes and locate the exact variety to suits your needs. We also give you the chance to add your own reviews!
  • Finding the right plant for any situation. This is made easier now under our more user friendly website. Under each category there are extensive filters for finding the right plant or flower for any given situation or position. Categorised plants may be filtered under: climate zones; garden style; plant type; position; uses; flower type and growth rate.
  • Increased security. Security when you pay for your order is of course of paramount importance. We at Evergreen Growers understand this and have added new security features at our new website. Based on the Wordpress platform it features a range of secure options through which to purchase products.
  • Images. Our website is now jam packed full of the most amazing images from our extensive range of products.. From the landing page to each category you'll find wonderful pics of some of the most beautiful plants and flowers in the world.
Our new website makes browsing and buying plants from us even easier. Now, more than ever we've made finding that special plant or flower for that need even easier. We've also made our contact details more prominent so you can always message us should you have any queries. Please check out our new website and don't hesitate to leave feedback either in a email, at our Facebook Page or at our blog.

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