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As the wintry days begin to get cooler and shorter and the sun sinks lower in the sky, many gardeners think it a good time to take stock of the garden, put the garden tools away for the winter and wait for warmer days. Not so!

The months June, July and August are the best times to get your bare rooted plants in to allow them plenty of time to establish themselves before the summer.

What are bare-rooted plants? Bare-rooted plants are those that have been stored without soil around their roots. They are stored then shipped to their destination in this fashion. Not all plants can be treated in this way however some shrubs, fruit trees and ornamental plants are good examples of those that can be sold in this way. Here at Evergreen Growers we strive to make bare rooted plants available to our customers so they can take advantage of the cheaper rates.

How do I plant bare rooted plants? Bare rooted plants are considered dormant while they are stored in this state and should be planted out as soon as they arrive. However this may be a great deal easier as the roots have no soil around them though it is important that the roots not be allowed to dry out. Planting bare rooted, as with any other, needs to be done properly to gain best results. See here for an article from Evergreen Growers on the subject (also downloadable as a pdf file). What are the advantages? As discussed the plant is easier to move around. The less work that is needed to maintain them at the nursery means that the lower prices (relative to potted up plants) are passed on to you the customer. by planting in winter you may take advantage of the availability of trees and ornamental plants not sold in other times of the year. 

Can I buy bare-rooted plants at Evergreen Growers? Yes. We have a number of bare rooted ornamentals on our website available now with delivery to your door.

So use the cooler months to plant some bare rooted plants whether they be shrubs or small trees. Not only are the winter months the ideal time to plant but you can also save money.

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