How we ensure that tubestock plants arrive safely

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Evergreen Growers is:

How well do tube stock plants travel? And the follow up question:

How do we pack the tube stock plants to ensure they arrive safely?

As an online nursery it is of course in our best interests to ensure that our our tube stock plants arrive at their destination in as good a condition as is possible. Therefore great care is taken to package them correctly and with enough protection to keep them safe and secure in the journey to your door.

We, at Evergreen Growers, understand that the transit process is crucial to the health and well being of the tube stock plant and take every precaution to ensure that the plant arrives safely. We've probably all had the disappointing experience of a mail order product arriving damaged due to heavy handling or insufficient protective packaging. We avoid that by taking steps to ensure your plant arrives in the best condition after its journey from our nursery. First and foremost is the great care that is taken by our staff when handling the tube stock plants during the packing process. Next is the unique way we package the tube stock plants ready for their journey.

However there are a few tricks to this part of the process and we thought you may be interested in hearing how this is done.

The actual packaging is a two-step process. First each tube stock plant is packed into an individual plastic bag. This helps to seal in the moisture and secure the potting mix around the root ball of the plant (see image top left).

Secondly the tube stock plants are packed into a strong, high quality cardboard box and secured with packing material. This protects the stem and foliage from any heavy handling  and/or disruption during transit.



Please see image right.

Your tube stock plants should arrive at your door safe and secure and ready for planting.

For any further queries about our packing process ” or indeed any queries on our business ” please don't hesitate to contact us either here on our website or over at our increasingly popular Facebook page.

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