Have you thought of growing your own herbs?

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Do you like cooking with food?

This week we had a lively discussion on our on suggestions for how to make the finest Bruschetta.

From adding a touch of sugar to the finest balsamic vinegar to letting the mix stand in the sun for ten minutes, it became obvious that the making of this Italian classic was taken very seriously by many readers.

This included your correspondent who added his own tip for making the best Bruschetta recipe: using the best olive oil and spreading it over sourdough bread, then slicing a clove of garlic and rubbing it on each slice's surface.

The discussion was prompted by a link to Evergreen Growers page on basil, which (as every Italian food fan knows) is the key to a great Bruschetta. Nothing can match the zing of fresh basil which lifts any dish. However taking the fresh basil step further. If nothing lifts a dish like fresh basil (or any herb for that matter), why not grow your own herb patch?

Evergreen Growers supplies quality tube stock to get your herb garden going, including basil, oregano and rosemary. As even amateur, L-plate cooks like your correspondent knows, the luxury of popping out into the garden and cutting your own herbs is a cook's dream.

So why not start a small herb garden and stock it with tube stock from Evergreen Growers? Not only will you have a beautiful addition to your garden but also you'll have access to the freshest herbs imaginable.

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