Green up Your Apartment with These Easy Tips

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Most of us love getting back to nature and having a bit of greenery in our everyday lives. It makes us feel calm and is great for our mental as well as physical health. It can be hard getting that little slice of nature in our lives if we live in a city, as it can be hard to get away from work for a day trip to the countryside, and even harder to experience it if we live in an apartment building and don't have a backyard.

Don't despair though, because at Evergreen Growers, we have some tips to keep a fraction of flora in your life, no matter what your lifestyle.


A Window Box

A window box is a beautiful and practical way to create an urban garden in your apartment. They conjure up images of idyllic country cottages. Plant whatever you'd like (within reason, of course!), from herbs to cacti and succulents, peonies or other ornamental flowers.


House Plants

From peace lilies to fiddle leaf fig, snake plants and everything in between, there are so many house plants that are appropriate for the indoors. If you worry about killing your house plants, then never fear, because there are a huge range of incredibly hardy plants out there that are almost impossible to kill.


Hanging Baskets

This trend has made a huge comeback since the 60s, with macrame hanging baskets appearing in so many hipster homes around the city. Fill them with a beautiful draping Boston fern, string of pearl plant, spider plant, devil's ivy. The list goes on and on, and the end result is incredible.


Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a nifty idea for an indoor plant. They are quaint and cute and there is a lot you can learn as a hobbyist bonsai owner. Just makes sure that you choose one that is intended for indoors, otherwise you might have a withering bonsai on your hands.


Create a Wall Planter

Whether it be a simple shelf, pallet, jars on strings strung on picture frame hooks or anything else you come with, there are so many possibilities for hanging plants on your wall.


Terrarium Fun!

Terrariums are all the rage these days and there are so many different styles, so choose yourself one that suits your decor or unique personality.

At Evergreen Growers, we're all about plants and greenery. If you've been thinking about introducing some more plant babies into your life, we're here to offer you the best advice and plants when you need.

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