Gardening Gadgets for Geeky Green Thumbs

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There are gadgets for everything these days, for every room of the house and every situation. It's no surprise that, with a resurge in the popularity of gardening, there are a number of gadgets on the market for the outdoors, and they just keep on coming! Here is a list of our favourite gardening gadgets that you can try out yourself.

Wheelbarrow Water Bladder If you have a larger garden with a lot of thirsty plants, this invention will be a godsend. Forget filling up that little watering can for many return trips to the tap or getting that tangled hose out, there's a much more convenient option available. Opt for a wheelbarrow water bladder, which can carry up to 80 litres of water in one trip, and sits comfortably in the tray of your wheelbarrow. Easy peasy!

Air Pots Air pots are a great way to get your flowering plants blooming brighter and your fruit plants yielding more produce than ever! The pots sit above ground and contain hundreds of little holes around the pot, allowing more oxygen to get to the root system, and stimulating better growth.

Husqvarna Automower Like a Roomba, but for mowing! This one will set you back a fair bit (over $1000, eep!), but we like the novelty factor and love the idea of leisurely sitting on the back porch with a cool glass of lemonade while watching your hypnotic robot mower do all the hard work. One can dream!

The Parrot Flower Power This little gadget and corresponding app is a great option for the forgetful gardener. Just place the intuitive monitoring gizmo into a pot plant or the soil near your plant, and sends an alert to your phone whenever your plant baby needs a bit of TLC, whether it be water, fertiliser, or a repotting.

Garden Boot Slippers If you're out in the garden working in your wellies, but suddenly you feel like a cuppa, what do you do? Take off your boots and go inside right? Wrong! With this nifty little invention, you can slide these slippers over your boots and pop inside quickly, without the hassle of wrestling to get your soil-covered boots off.

At Evergreen Growers, we're all about innovative gardening. We'll supply the plants, while you can tend to them however you'd like.

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