5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Backyard Space

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Are you living in the inner-city suburbs?

Have you recently moved into an apartment block, and all you have to work with is a balcony?

Not everyone is lucky enough to move into a place with a spacious backyard, with the room to do everything you want.

At Evergreen Growers, we believe that everyone should have a garden that they're proud of, no matter the size. So, we've put together a list of 5 ways to make the most out of your small garden space.


Raised Garden Bed

Building a raised garden bed in your small garden or balcony is one of the most efficient ways of using your space. The garden bed creates a focal point in your garden and it also allows for more space for your plants to grow. Using old pallets or containers are great way to upcycle and breathe some new life into your garden.


Hanging Baskets, Pots and Plants

Utilising hanging baskets, pots and planters use space that big gardens usually overlook. Hanging them from your verandah, your porch, or from an upcycled clothes rack creates different levels in your space. Plant cacti, succulents, herbs, vines and ferns “ hang them at different lengths to create levels. Speaking of levels.


Use levels throughout your space

Using different platforms, plant holders and pots is a must have for small gardens and balconies. Choose a good selection of evergreens and natives as these will add bright colours and greenery to your garden all year round


. Grow up the wall

With a small space, use every inch you can! Your garden walls and fences give you extra growing space if you use the right plants for it. Climbing plants are a great choice, such as English Ivy varietals or jasmine. Vertical gardens and planters are also a fun and efficient way to grow herbs and flowers!


Lighten it up!

Creating an atmosphere is important when you're working with a small space. Using lights is an easy way to do this. Light up your space with fairy lights, solar lights scattered throughout pots and garden beds, or candles in mason jars. Whether you need a selection of natives or climbers to make the most out of your small garden space, or you need the tools and supplies to start your project, then you've come to right place.

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