Plane Trees | London Plane Tree - Platanus x Acerifolia

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Plane Trees | Platanus x Acerifolia

This large deciduous tree has maple like leaves that turn yellow to brown in autumn. When young it forms a pyramidal shape but as it matures the branches spread out making it a great shade tree.

London Plane Tree

Also widely used as a lawn tree or street tree and is highly resistant to pollution, removing it from the air. The showy bark also gives it an ornamental appeal.

Common Name: London Plane Tree Botanical Name: Platanus x Acerifolia Plant size: 20 - 35cm Pot size: 75mm Max growth: Grows to about 14m high and 10m wide Maintenance: The roots may also cause damage to buildings, sidewalks and driveways. Planting: Prefers well-drained soil that is moist

Climate Zone

  • Arid
  • Cool
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Tropical


  • Non Flowering

Garden Style

  • Chinese garden

Growth Rate

  • Fast


  • Privacy Screen
  • Wind break

Plant Type

  • Deciduous
  • Foliage Plants
  • Large Trees
  • Shade Tree


  • Full Sun


  • Feature planting

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