Lemon Scented Tea tree - Leptospermum Petersonii

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This medium to tall shrub has aromatic leaves which have a strong lemon scent. This fantastic native produces masses of single white flowers through summer. The leaves and the stems both contain essential oils citronella and citral.

The leaves can be used for pot pourri or herbal tea. Ideal for use as a hedge or screen as well as ornamental use.

Common Name: Lemon Scented Tea tree Botanical Name: Leptospermum petersonii Plant size: 20 - 25cm Pot size: 50mm Max growth: Grows to about 3 - 7m high and 2 - 5m wide Maintenance: Prune after flowering to maintain compact growth Planting:

Climate Zone

  • Arid
  • Cool
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Tropical


  • Bird attracting

Garden Style

  • Native Garden

Growth Rate

  • Fast


  • Border Hedge
  • Privacy Screen
  • Tall Hedge
  • Wind break

Plant Type

  • Evergreen
  • Foliage Plants
  • Large Shrubs
  • Natives


  • Full Sun
  • Semi Shade


  • Feature planting

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