Korean Box - Buxus Microphylla Microphylla - 140mm pot

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Slow growing dwarf, evergreen shrub with dense, glossy, dark green foliage and a slightly weeping habit.

This formal or tightly informal shrub grows very well in shady conditions and commonly used as a hedge, foundation planting or border planting in smaller areas. They can also be used for formal gardens, topiary gardens or English gardens as they respond v

Common Name: Korean Buxus, Korean Box or Korean Boxwood Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla var. microphylla Plant size: 15 - 20cm Pot size: 140mm Max growth: Grows to about 50cm high and 50cm wide Maintenance: Will maintain a dense, formal appearance even without pruning and is highly adaptable to average to poor soils, soils of various pH, drought and heat. Planting: For best performance plant in moist, well-drained, rich soils with a cool root zone in partial shade

Climate Zone

  • Arid
  • Cool
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Tropical


  • Non Flowering

Garden Style

  • Chinese garden
  • Cottage Garden
  • Formal Garden

Growth Rate

  • Slow


  • Border Hedge
  • Low Hedge

Plant Spacing

  • 20 - 30cm

Plant Type

  • Evergreen
  • Small Shrubs


  • Coastal
  • Full Shade
  • Full Sun
  • Semi Shade


  • Container Plants
  • Edge planting
  • Green walls

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