Kangaroo Paw Green - Anigozanthos flavidus

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Native to Australia and very drought hardy, the Kangaroo Paw is a vigorous clumping perennial plant with long, upright, sword shape leaves. During spring\summer it produces 1.5m - 2m flower stems of velvety green flowers that resemble kangaroos paw.

One of the best ways to plant Kangaroo Paw in the garden is to mass plant them.

Common Name: Green Kangaroo Paw Botanical Name: Anigozanthos flavidus Green Plant size: 15 - 20cm Pot size: 50mm Max growth: Grows to about 30 - 40cm high Maintenance: This is a low maintenance plant that requires litles care apart from removing spent flower stalks Planting: Prefers a very well draining soil

Climate Zone

  • Arid
  • Cool
  • Temperate


  • Bird attracting
  • Cut flowers
  • Striking Flowers

Garden Style

  • Cottage Garden
  • Native Garden

Growth Rate

  • Fast

Plant Type

  • Evergreen
  • Foliage Plants


  • Full Shade
  • Full Sun
  • Semi Shade


  • Embankments
  • Feature planting
  • Mass planting
  • Retaining walls

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