Hydrangea Big Leaf - Blue

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Hydrangeas are very easy and rewarding to grow, they are quite tough and unlike most shrubs they tolerate shade and moist conditions. This is one of the most widely recognized species of hydrangeas. Flowers in striking rich colors.

This Hydrengea can either flower blue or pink, depending on the soil acidity. If the soil is acidic with a pH of around 4.5 to 5.0, the flowers will be light blue to electric or even peacock blue as is often the case in mountainous conditions. However, mo

Common Name: Big Leaf Hydrangea Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla Plant size: 15 - 20cm Pot size: 75mm Max growth: Grows to about 1 - 2m high and 1 - 2m wide Maintenance: Trim once the flowers finish in winter. Do not cut the stems that are yet to flower as they will produce the first flowers of the following year. Planting: Hydrangeas need at least 5 hours of sun per day to bloom well.

Climate Zone

  • Cool
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate
  • Tropical


  • Bird attracting
  • Long lasting
  • Striking Flowers

Garden Style

  • Chinese garden
  • Cottage Garden
  • Tropical Garden

Growth Rate

  • Fast


  • Low Hedge

Plant Type

  • Evergreen
  • Foliage Plants
  • Large Shrubs


  • Full Shade
  • Full Sun
  • Semi Shade


  • Feature planting
  • Mass planting

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