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Melbourne gardeners and green thumbs know that it takes good plant selection plus a bit of TLC to keep a garden looking great all year round, especially with the notoriously changeable climate all over the city. When you buy plants online in Melbourne from Evergreen Growers, you’re giving your garden the best possible chances of success. Our high quality plants have an amazing survival rate as well as remarkably quick establishment, so whether you’re just replacing plants in a small section or giving your garden a total makeover, you’ll love the results.

Plants Online Melbourne

Choose from a wide selection of functional, ornamental and even edible cheap plants for Melbourne gardens. Select from the six categories above to get started, and then refine your search by garden style, position, use and more. You can also order results by popularity, rating and price. Make sure to select ‘temperate’ from under Climate Zones to see plants that do well in Melbourne. 

As your handy online nursery in Melbourne, we’re happy to provide advice and assistance to ensure you make the right choice and that your plants arrive in great condition. To get in touch, call us on (02) 9653 9430 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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