Common Name:
West Australian Flowering Gum, Red Flowering Gum
Botanical Name:
Corymbia (eucalyptus) Ficifolia
Plant size:
20 – 25cm
Pot size:
75mm pot.
Max growth:
Approximately 8 – 10m high and 5m wide.
West Australian Flowering Gum is a most spectacular flowering evergreen tree, producing a profusion of flowers in mid-Summer ranging in colour from deep crimson to orange, pink and white against the large mid-green leaves. Because of its tidy, rounded shape, elegant foliage, and showy summer flowering, the Red Flowering Gum is readily noticed and is widely used as a street tree. Its masses of colourful flowers are highly attractive to humans, birds and honeyeaters.
Please note: These plants are not the dwarf grafted variety, they’re seed grown and can grow to about 8 – 10m tall.