Common Name:
Orange Jasmine, Mock Orange
Botanical Name:
Murraya paniculata
Plant size:
10 – 15cm
Pot size:
50mm pot.
Max growth:
Approximately 6m high and 3m wide.

Murrayas dark glossy green leaves make a dramatic backdrop for the highly fragrant and sweetly scented ‘orange-blossom’ flowers. Growing to a height of around three metres, it’s perfect as a boundary hedge, delivering sound-dampening, wind-breaking and additional privacy –ideal for growers looking for the Box look with a superior height.

Also beautiful as a container plant, its long flowering season through spring and summer – plus spotting throughout the year – adds colour and fragrance to any space. Orange Jasmine’s clean look lends itself best to formal Chinese gardens and traditional English landscapes, and has been used to great effect on retaining walls and as topiary.

Growing readily in all Australian climates, it’s best suited to sunny areas in slightly warmer areas – while it will grow in cooler locations, it’s best suited to temperate or warmer areas. Orange Jasmine is a plant that benefits from less aggressive pruning two to three times through the flowering period, plus once in autumn after flowering. While it’s perfectly alright to trim vertically to keep it at a manageable height, lateral pruning should be light to ensure you get maximum flower production, allowing you to enjoy their sweet aroma.

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Popularly grown as an ornamental for its scented flowers. The plant can also be trained to grow into hedges and barriers, this plant is also often grown as bonsai.