As well as stocking a great collection of plants for you to pick and choose from, we sell garden tools online at cheap prices including garden hoses, rakes, hedge trimmers, composts, fertilisers, hoes and much more.

  • Plants require ample, but not excessive, fertilizer during the growing season. There is a need for essential elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to be supplied in a controlled release form so that the fertilizer is not being wasted in the dormant seasons and is available throughout the growing seasons.
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    Creates a microclimate around your young plants which promotes growth, reduces water loss and UV levels and increases the level of carbon dioxide and humidity around the leaves.
  • Designed to keep the moisture in and around the root ball of you new young plants which will minimise water wastage and reduce the amount of watering needed. They also help keep weeds at bay.
  • Performance of container plants in our drier climates and indoors can often be impaired by lack of moisture. SaturAid Water Storing Crystals improves the ability of growing mixtures to retain moisture and ensures that it is available to the entire root zone. Then, over time, the plant roots will grow through the swollen Water Storing Crystals. The amount of water directly available to the plant is increased significantly.