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The Best Gardening Apps for the Tech-savvy Gardener

The Best Gardening Apps for the Tech-savvy Gardener

Apps are increasingly improving and simplifying our everyday lives in many different areas. It seems there’s an app for everything these days, and the gardening world is no exception. soldes moncler Here, we have a look at the best gardening apps on the market at the moment.  

Garden Plan Pro

A handy app where you can enter in the layout of your garden and plan accordingly. timberland pas cher It’s mostly focused around herbs, vegetables and fruit, and would be useful for the urban gardener who wants to cultivate their own produce. ugg femme The app also offers advice on where best to plant each type of produce, as well as when to plant, harvest and rotate the crop.  

Botany Buddy

Botany Buddy offers a plant encyclopedia with over 2000 species of cacti, succulents, shrubs and other plants, complete with colour photographs for identification. moncler Plant species can be searched by various criteria, including leaf size, seeds, flower colour, bloom time, sun requirements, hardiness, shape and size. The app is appropriate for both amateur gardeners and professionals.


Think of this app as a sort of gardening journal. You can document which plants are currently in your garden, record their progress and create a schedule of care according to priority. ugg enfant You can add photos, get updates on the weather and be informed on when your little plant babies should be blooming.  

Garden Companion

Sometimes, you just need a companion when it comes to gardening. Gardening Companion offers hundreds of articles on gardening, as well as photos and YouTube videos instructing on a huge range of gardening topics. Like the Life app, Gardening Companion also has a journal component to record your gardening ventures. timberland  


Growit! is an app that tells you what and how to plant based on your location for the best results. There is a feature to create your own unique project and show it off to others in the area, offering a sort of social media-type community atmosphere around gardening. In your project, you can offer tips and tricks you use in your own gardening to others in your local area. Who knows, maybe you’ll make some new green-thumbed friends?

Garden Compass

This app is for the gardener who wants to be organised, offering a personalised care calendar as well as reminders, plant identification and advice.

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5 Books Every Gardener Should Own

5 Books Every Gardener Should Own

Gardeners are a funny and passionate bunch. moncler They are the pensive, tranquil types who like to live a peaceful existence in beautiful surroundings. ugg outlet france They appreciate the small things, and find beauty in the simplest things. They are romantics, dreamers, poets and creators at their cores. timberland It takes a certain type of unique person to be a gardener, yet there are so many different types. As such, there are millions of books, manuals and guides written about every aspect of gardening. Go over to a gardener’s house and they’ll be sure to have bookshelves crammed full of tomes about gardening, and stacks of these books lying around. Here are just a few books that every self-respecting gardener should own.  

Stuff Every Gardener Should Know – Scott Meyer

Not only does the cover of this book look beautifully rustic, quaint and colourful, it also serves exactly what it says on the tin. This manual should be something of a bible for all gardeners, with insights on many aspects of gardening – when to plant what, tips on avoiding weeds creeping into your garden beds, how to grow the loveliest roses, and other nuggets of essential gardening wisdom.  

New Wild Garden: Natural-Style Planting and Practicalities – Ian Hodgson

If you dream of a garden filled with wildflowers, this is the perfect book. It’s becoming an ever-growing trend to plant native or indigenous wildflowers, to encourage pollinators and wildlife, and just all-round create a beautiful garden.  

The Education of a Gardener – Russell Page

Written by one of the most prolific garden designers of our time, this book provides practical advice on how to design a garden, with a strong basis on Page’s horticultural knowledge and experience. doudoune moncler pas cher  

What Plant Where – Roy Lancaster

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who has problem areas in their garden where it may be difficult to get plants to flourish. soldes puma In a similar vein, there is also “Grow what Where” by Talbot, MacDonald and Peate, specifically focusing on Australian natives and where they best flourish. soldes timberland  

The Dry Garden – Beth Chatto

Published in 1978, this book is still relevant today, perhaps even more so with the event of climate change. It works on the principle of planting the right plant in the right spot to maximise potential and success. moncler Doudounes The book is based around Chatto’s own experience creating a gravel garden, and such a garden is perfect for those who don’t have the time to water, once it is established.

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Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

At long last, spring is finally here, and your garden will soon be at its most beautiful. moncler In order to make the most of your gorgeous outdoor space, you’ll need to prepare your garden for warmer weather. Follow these steps to ensure your garden is ready for the sun. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne Pruning Winter can really wear out your garden’s plants and flowers, so some pruning will be necessary to cut away damaged areas. If frost has settled in your region during the winter months, check the garden thoroughly for frost damage. ugg australia pas cher Prune away any damaged areas to ensure healthy growth in the coming months, and cut away dead flowers so the spring flowers have room to blossom. Now that the weather’s warming up, you’ll also be able to get outside to tidy up the bushes and prune for neatness. Moncler doudoune pas cher The Lawn If you have a grassy lawn in your back garden, it probably went through a rough time while the weather was cold. To make sure the grass grows well and looks its best this summer, you may want to aerate the lawn. This will allow water, air and nutrients to get deep into the grass roots, providing everything the lawn needs to flourish. This will take care of any soil compaction that occurred during winter, and is easily done by a garden maintenance service. Remove Weeds Weeding isn’t most people’s favourite chore, but it’s an absolute necessity if you want a beautiful garden. Spring is a particularly busy time for weeds as they finally have the warmth to grow, so keep an eye on your garden and remove weeds as they grow, before they become a bigger problem. Get Planting The most important thing you can do to prepare for your perfect summer garden is to plant. moncler homme soldes Choose your favourite spring flowers, order as many as you like and plant them in any areas of your garden that could use some added colour and brightness. You can really get creative when choosing your spring flowers, but remember to include some stunning native Australian plants for your garden, as these grow the easiest in your garden’s climate and usually require minimal maintenance. Timberland Femme Pas Cher Mulch It may not be glamorous, but mulching is a must-have for a healthy outdoor space.