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Advantages of Growing Own Garden Produce

Do you know that many fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis, during some time or the other, may have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides etc. and could carry the residual effect? Many of these carcinogenic fertilizers can have devastating consequences, affecting the overall wellbeing of the consumers. You may think that one can avoid these contaminated products by opting for organic produce available in the market. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could grow organic foodstuff in your own garden? Gardening has immense health benefits and nurturing a kitchen garden can improve the overall wellbeing a person in many ways. soldes puma chaussure Availability of Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs: You needn’t depend on commercially produced fruits or vegetables for consumption. Buy the best seeds, seedlings, or plants, use organic methods to nurture these, and enjoy the fruits of your labour literally. Families with own kitchen garden will be able to consume more healthy fruits and vegetables than a family who is dependent on commercial produce. ugg outlet Growing own herbs like Oregano, Chives, Rosemary etc. can be the crowning glory as these mostly fragrant herbs are essential ingredients in cosmetic and cooking industry. Financially Viability: Growing own produces is definitely a cheaper option – consumption-wise and health-wise. Protection of the Environment: In addition to causing distress to human lives, herbicides and other pesticides destroy the natural composition of the soil. It can have a cascading effect on water, the lives of other vegetation, aquatic animals etc. moncler Organic produce grown at own gardens can reduce this danger to a great extent. A Great Form of Exercise: Any kind of gardening is a great workout for the body. It is the best way to obtain your daily dose of Vitamin D from the Sun. No more difficulty in calcium absorption and no more aches and pains of the joints especially among the elders. Mental Satisfaction: The enjoyment of seeing your labour taking shape gives a mental high, and a happy frame of mind means a happier existence. Daily interaction with plants can be a great stress-buster. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne One can forget the tensions and worries and relax among the plants. Green plants/trees, through photosynthesis, increase the oxygen content of the atmosphere and reduce harmful carbon dioxide. moncler soldes In a nutshell, nurturing a garden full of fruits, herbs, flowers, or vegetables can be physically, mentally, and financially satisfying. soldes puma chaussures Improve your health, wealth, and happiness by taking up gardening as a pastime.

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Spectacular Beauty of Camellias for Your Garden

Camellias are one of the most beautiful flowering plants that can transform your garden into a magical realm. The biggest attraction of all camellias is versatility as there are a great number of them, and each is spectacular in its unique beauty. Many of the varieties will allow you to create a hedge that will look truly magnificent while in bloom. However, there are some species are small enough to grow in hanging baskets. timberland soldes We offer a wide range of camellia varieties here, at Evergreen Growers. ugg australia pas cher femme However, there are several things you should keep in mind to successfully cultivate camellias on Australian soil. The following pointers will help you: Find a semi-shaded spot Camellias need sunlight to form the flower buds they are famous for, but both their leaves and flowers can easily burn under the scorching sun. soldes puma chaussures Therefore, you should plant them in a semi-dark spot. Place the bushes in an area where they will be protected from the worst of the midday sun. moncler Doudounes Be careful not to plant them too close to walls due to heat reflection, or right next to big trees as their large roots will cause much interference. You should also remember that these elegant plants don’t deal with the wind well, so they will require strong protection from this element. moncler 2018 Provide it with slightly acidic soil In theory, camellias can grow in a variety of soils, from gardens with plenty of organic matter to heavy soils loaded with clay particles. The latter occurs in some areas of China where these deceptively frail-looking beauties successfully grow in the wild. The perfect setting for your new batch of camellias is slightly acidic soil that offers good drainage around the roots. If you already have azaleas and gardenias flourishing in your garden, camellias will thrive as well. Water when young One of the most amazing things about these plants is that they are surprisingly resilient to extended periods of heat, which makes them the perfect choice for many areas of Australia. ugg classic Basse However, the plant gains this resilience over time. While your camellias are young, they will require a deep watering at least once a week. Don’t overdo it Overwatering is as deadly to camellias as overfeeding. These plants are remarkably undemanding and will actually grow better if left alone most of the time. bottes ugg A wise choice of location and an occasional deep watering, as well as some heavy pruning, will provide you with a garden full of amazingly beautiful flowers.

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You didn’t think it was possible, did you? That one day you would be standing in front of your own tree nursery just waiting for the luscious fruits to ripen so that you can dig into those juicy, tasty treats. Wait, is this still a dream for you? Well, if you have some extra space in your yard, then converting it into a nursery can be a great idea. Here are a few reasons why. moncler Doudounes Save that extra dollar Long gone will be the days of heading down to the supermarket just to satisfy your fruity cravings, or being on the lookout for the fruit vendor in your neighbourhood. bottes ugg All you need to do is simply pluck a couple of ripe fresh apples from the nursery, or dig out plump pineapples in the earth. Besides, fruits are so expensive these days, I wouldn’t mind getting a little dirt on my jeans for a free juicy watermelon. It’s healthy and nutritious Just think back on the lunches you had last week in the office. bottes ugg I bet not even one of them had a fruit involved in the equation. As office workers, we are hard wired to eat high energy giving foods, such as carbohydrates and proteins, giving very little attention to fruits. So, in short, we eat junk, and then get really surprised when we’ve added a couple of kilos. doudoune moncler soldes Fruits can be a great substitute to all the junk you’ve been eating. Not only do they exhibit low fat properties, they also add essential nutrients that were missing all along. timberland So, next time, instead of having a steak for lunch, why not pack some of your home grown sliced fruits to the office? Fruits have many purposes During summer, the heat gets can get so unbearable. Baskets homme Puma Why not blend some of your home grown fruits and make ice chilled juice as a treat? You can even encourage your kids to put up a juice stand to earn some extra money. puma pas cher Fruits can also serve as great delicacies before meals; not to mention making treats such as fruit cakes and salads. So you see, fruits aren’t only delicious and healthy, they can also be a great source of income and also great for other cooking activities. To get the best robust seedlings in Australia for your fruit tree nursery, evergreengrowers has tremendously cheap offers on healthy fruits such black passion fruit, mulberry black and many others.

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Growing Herbs in Containers

The first known documentation of herbs was in about 2000 BC in Babylon and they, along with herbs and spices from the Orient and India, were exported right through the continents through to the ancient Egyptians, who learned the traditional uses through their trade. Today, we have a renewed interest in herbs with many people creating their own culinary and medicinal gardens. moncler paris This is easy to achieve, as herbs are generally undemanding and because they are able to be grown on a small scale, there are many that thrive in a container garden environment. ugg australia pas cher It is important to regularly pick your herbs at the tip of each steam while they are growing, otherwise you will end up with tall thin plants. ugg australia pas cher Your herbs will thrive if you feed them with liquid seaweed, which contains trace elements and minerals that give lush, strong plants, while still retaining their flavour. Here are some of the easier and most commonly culinary herbs which grow well in containers. puma pas cher Fresh growing organic basil Sage, Bay, Thyme and Rosemary These are classic English country garden herbs and have robust flavours that are excellent for soups, stock, meat dishes, pastas and sauces. They prefer to have a dryer root, so try not to over-water them. Sage can be grown from seed, but Bay, Thyme, and Rosemary are easier to grow as established plants or grown from cuttings. Mint Virtually indestructible, mint grows fantastically as a container crop. Mint is hugely versatile and can be used in everything from teas, sauces, chutneys, and salads. This herb will grow pretty much anywhere, even where there is heavy shade, but does require regular feeding and watering. Once matured, the plant can be divided into halves or quarters. ugg pas cher femme Chives This is a lovely salad herb that is also brilliant in soups and garnishes. vente privee ugg Chives make a pretty addition to your collection when they flower in spring and attract bees. Easily grown, chives only require four to five hours of sunshine, but make sure the soil is kept damp. Parsley Parsley can be slow to take off from seed, but once it takes hold, it will produce for almost two years before it flowers and goes to seed. bottes ugg This is a very solid hardy herb to grow and takes little maintenance. Basil Basil likes to bask in the sunshine and is best if it is grown in a bright, sheltered, warm area.

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Why Buy Ornamentals?

Ornamental trees and plants are grown purely for their beauty – they are inedible, but offer something extra to a garden. Ornamentals can be trees or flowers, and cover a number of different types of each of those things. timberland femme While growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs to provide for your plate, and medicinal plants to help heal your body, are both very good uses of your gardening time, growing ornamental plants can instill within you a sense of pride in what you are able to do. You can show off the flowers you grow through pruning or picking them, giving them to others, or putting a bouquet in a vase or a potted plant near the entrance to your home. soldes timberland This will open up more conversations and encourage connection with others… plus, you might get some great gardening tips! ornamentals If you are thinking about growing your own herbs, fruits, or vegetables, growing ornamental plants is a great way to practice your gardening skills. timberland Why invest in seeds for plants that you want to eat without knowing if you will be able to get the plants to grow? Ornamentals can also help a garden by doing more than looking pretty – they can make sure pests don’t reach food-bearing plants or that wind doesn’t knock over any new seedlings. They can also provide shade to you and to the plants that need it. Soldes Timberland Growing any plants will provide you with better health, since gardening is a physical activity that can also calm the mind. basket timberland In addition to the above reasons, being surrounded by beauty is scientifically proven to be good for your mental health! Flowers are natural mood moderators, impacting both immediate and long-term happiness, and even encouraging connections between people. We have over 120 different ornamental plants that you can invest in. puma sneakers Decide what color flower you want, when you want it to bloom, and how much work you are willing to put into care, and we guarantee that there will be a flowering plant among the choices we have that will fulfill all of your requirements. soldes puma sneakers We recommend buying flowers that bloom at different times so that you can be surrounded by beauty year-round. By buying an ornamental plant, you are not only deciding to add more beauty to your life, you are deciding to help your mental and physical health as well.

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Edible Herbs – A Boon to Mankind

Plants are the mainstay of human survival and advancement. doudoune moncler soldes From time immemorial, humans have been using plants as a source of food and fuel. We are aware that photosynthesis by plants plays a major role in maintaining the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. If all of us grow our own gardens for self-sustenance, we would be healthier and the Earth would be a greener planet. Plants – ornamental and edible – can be grown at every home, small or big; space shouldn’t be a constraint here. Edible plants: Prehistoric men and their predecessors survived on wild edible plants, fruits, and vegetables that grew in and around their dwellings. Domestication of plants happened much later. Over the centuries, it paved the way for growing our favourite fruits and vegetables enabling us to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Herbs: Some of the edible plants that can be grown easily at home, indoor as well as outdoor, are edible herbs. Herbs have always been chefs’ favourites. Additionally, most of these greens are inseparable ingredients of cosmetic and health products. Growing these at home needs no green fingers and we can derive immense pleasure, satisfaction, and benefits out of it. Basil: This aromatic herb, laden with Vitamin K (the blood coagulant), powerful antioxidants, and many other nutrients, can be grown anywhere with no additional care. A dash of it adds flavour to any food – meat, fish, or vegetable. soldes puma chaussure Chives: This perennial, easy-to-grow culinary herb from the onion family, loaded with Vitamins C, K, foliates, and antioxidants, is low in calorie. Outdoor or indoor, Chives grows aggressively in any season. Coriander (Cilantro): The leaves and seeds of this annual herb serve as spice and have antioxidant, anxiolytic, analgesic and many other properties. It can be grown from the stem as well as seeds. ugg pas cher Olives: This hardy tree can be grown as a hedge plant to add elegance to our homes and glow to our skin and eyes. Olives (green and black) have monounsaturated fat, commonly known as the “good fat,” which helps reduce blood pressure and protect the heart. puma pas cher Olives are rich in vitamin E which protects skin from premature aging. Oregano: An ancient medicinal and culinary herb, oregano is a rich source of Vitamin K and antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of oregano are some of the many possible health benefits. Grow it anywhere in pots, gardens, or containers from the seeds or cuttings. doudoune femme moncler pas cher Parsley, Thyme, and many other edible herbs form part and parcel of our cooking delight as well as home remedies for many ailments.

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Grow Your Happiness

How growing your own edible garden will make you a happier person

Don’t worry, put your gardening gloves on and relax. It has been proven that gardening can help you feel relaxed and reduce stress levels. Growing your own edible garden will make you happier. Lets look at how gardening increases happiness.

Growing and grounding

The simple act of touching fresh earth and soil can directly impact brain health. This is known as grounding. prix doudoune moncler The soil contains all these energy-boosting electrons that can be absorbed by the body helping to aid with pain relief, improve sleep patterns and enhance general mood and wellbeing. Next time your in the garden you might want to remove the gloves and get your hands dirty in the soil, see how you feel after. ugg soldes 2018

Plant a seed and watch it grow

garden The act of planting, growing and maintaining a crop until you have something useful to show for it is very rewarding. It is a way to grow self worth and achieve gratifying, tangible and edible evidence of our labours. Those ambitious gardeners can even create a vegetable garden masterpiece. moncler soldes A well-planned and carefully maintained vegetable garden can turn a bare landscape into a colorful landscape and a thriving ecosystem.

Grow your appreciation of food

Growing food provides gardeners with an understanding and appreciation of foods and its origin. It shows us all how to live simply and as we all know, food tastes better when you pick it from your own garden. Growing your fruit and vegetables means you can be a producer and not just a consumer. Of course the added benefit is it’s more economical to grow your own food. You can enjoy having your own, customized garden full of fresh, organic produce with no added chemicals or pesticides. timberland femme


As gardeners will know, gardening provides exercise and enjoyment. PUMA en soldes It improves your mobility, endurance, strength and flexibility. moncler femme Whether you’re hauling bucket loads of water or digging up carrots, your pulse will be racing faster. This means blood flow to the brain is increased and with that the body fires off a number of feel-good endorphins around the body.

When we plant, we leave the world just a bit better than the way we found it.

Here at Evergreen Growers we like to make growing your edible garden easy and affordable.

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Four reasons to buy tubestock for your garden

  Evergreen Growers is founded with the goal of delivering quality, affordable plants to gardeners around the nation. Whether just starting out your garden, or with many years experience, gardeners know that purchasing established plants can be a costly business. However at Evergreen Growers we have helped bring savings to our customers without compromising on quality by providing a range of tubestock plants to suit every garden. Continue reading Four reasons to buy tubestock for your garden

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Six things to do when putting out your tubestock plants

The beautiful Gazania Kiss Rose as tubestock. Now available!
Last week we touched on the correct way to handle your quality tubestock plants when they arrive from Evergreen Growers. This week we’d like to go into more detail about the planting out part of the process: a vital part of ensuring that your tube stock plants grow healthily and strong. doudoune moncler pas cher As our Garden Guide points out, care needs to be taken when planting out seedlings. Plant out on a cool, cloudy day if possible to reduce the risk of stress on the tubestock plant. Then follow the tips below to maximise chances of success. Continue reading Six things to do when putting out your tubestock plants