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Advantages of Growing Own Garden Produce

Do you know that many fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis, during some time or the other, may have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides etc. and could carry the residual effect? Many of these carcinogenic fertilizers can have devastating consequences, affecting the overall wellbeing of the consumers. You may think that one can avoid these contaminated products by opting for organic produce available in the market. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could grow organic foodstuff in your own garden? Gardening has immense health benefits and nurturing a kitchen garden can improve the overall wellbeing a person in many ways. soldes puma chaussure Availability of Natural Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs: You needn’t depend on commercially produced fruits or vegetables for consumption. Buy the best seeds, seedlings, or plants, use organic methods to nurture these, and enjoy the fruits of your labour literally. Families with own kitchen garden will be able to consume more healthy fruits and vegetables than a family who is dependent on commercial produce. ugg outlet Growing own herbs like Oregano, Chives, Rosemary etc. can be the crowning glory as these mostly fragrant herbs are essential ingredients in cosmetic and cooking industry. Financially Viability: Growing own produces is definitely a cheaper option – consumption-wise and health-wise. Protection of the Environment: In addition to causing distress to human lives, herbicides and other pesticides destroy the natural composition of the soil. It can have a cascading effect on water, the lives of other vegetation, aquatic animals etc. moncler Organic produce grown at own gardens can reduce this danger to a great extent. A Great Form of Exercise: Any kind of gardening is a great workout for the body. It is the best way to obtain your daily dose of Vitamin D from the Sun. No more difficulty in calcium absorption and no more aches and pains of the joints especially among the elders. Mental Satisfaction: The enjoyment of seeing your labour taking shape gives a mental high, and a happy frame of mind means a happier existence. Daily interaction with plants can be a great stress-buster. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne One can forget the tensions and worries and relax among the plants. Green plants/trees, through photosynthesis, increase the oxygen content of the atmosphere and reduce harmful carbon dioxide. moncler soldes In a nutshell, nurturing a garden full of fruits, herbs, flowers, or vegetables can be physically, mentally, and financially satisfying. soldes puma chaussures Improve your health, wealth, and happiness by taking up gardening as a pastime.

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Do You Know the Benefits of Container Gardening?

Growing plants in containers is a practice that has existed for thousands of years. ugg pas cher femme In some places, this is the only way to grow certain varieties of plants all year round as winters there are too cold. However, if we dig a little deeper, we can see that the benefits of container gardening go well beyond this. The most notable advantages of growing your plants in portable pots are: Reduced risk of diseases and pests Potted plants are less susceptible to diseases than those grown in the soil. bottes ugg soldes This is a fact proven by thousands of gardeners from different parts of the world. Some pests will not be able to harm plants grown in containers instead of the open soil. timberland pas cher Even if contamination by insects or a disease does occur, you will be able to isolate the affected plant easily and protect the rest of your garden. Less labour, more enjoyment Weeding, and generally caring for plants grown in containers is much easier. You save time and effort while getting all the benefits offered by a beautiful garden. In addition, you will be able to keep all your plants well-fed as fertilizing a limited amount of soil in a pot is a quick and simple task. Timberland pour hommes You can ‘remodel’ your garden whenever it strikes your fancy If you enjoy creating beautiful arrangements and redecorating your garden often, containers will be the best option for you. Not only can you move them around easily, but you can also ‘plant’ together species that cannot actually grow next to each other due to their differences in requirements. However, don’t forget that some plants have strict requirements regarding lighting, so be sure to keep them hidden from the relentless sun. moncler jacket soldes Perfect for a test run If you are unsure about how a certain plant will grow in a shady or sunny area in your garden, placing a container with it in the spot will allow you to observe its progress. The best thing about testing the waters this way is that you can save the plant the moment you see the environment is too much for it. puma homme You can place several pots with different plants and note which grow best in this particular spot. Fun pastime with your kids The benefits of gardening are numerous, and there is scientific evidence to prove this. timberland boots homme So, introducing your children to this activity is a great idea. Containers are the perfect option as they are easier to tend to and you can grow an assortment of plants that your children love to keep them interested.

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Creating Good Hedges In The Outdoor Garden

Hedges in our outdoor area not only add beauty to the exterior space, but also plays various roles such as improving privacy, blocking wind and reducing noise. You can make the hedges the most attractive feature of your landscape by trimming the hedges to various sizes and shapes. Timberland pour hommes If you are looking to create distinct sections in your garden, you can use low hedges or box hedges. timberland boots homme Depending on your climate, space availability, garden style, etc., you need to select the hedging plants.

Varieties of hedging plants

You can get different varieties of hedging plants from your local nursery or you can get them delivered to your place through online nurseries. Hedging plants are usually hardy and can thrive even in bad weather conditions to certain extend. puma pas cher You can go for evergreen shrubs like Photinia Red Robin or Christmas berry and Fringe Flower or Loropetalum China Pink to add colour to your garden almost throughout the year. If you are looking for green hedges, you can opt for Leighton Green conifer or Leyland Cypress or Sweet Viburnum. soldes puma These plants are also well suited as screening hedges. bottes timberland Contrast coloured hedges can increase the beauty of the garden. Red Barberry with bronze-purple leaves are most suited for this purpose.

Selecting the hedge plant

You need to select attractively coloured hedge plants which are easy to maintain and are resistant to diseases and pests for your garden. The plant should suit the climatic, soil and sunlight conditions in your garden. It is better to opt for plants which are slow growing or with moderate growth rate. You need to do frequent clipping or pruning when you opt for fast growing hedge plants. You need to consider the planting area available and the mature spread of the hedge plant to determine how many plants you will have to plant to form the hedge.

Planting the hedge

You can select the hedge plant for your garden by visiting the portfolio of online nursery. Learn about the plant and select the best one according to your need. Mark the planting area, according to the mature size of the plant. moncler paris Dig the planting holes and remove the plants from the nursery pots and plant them in place. Water the plants immediately after planting and water them as needed throughout the growing season.

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Do you have that one neighbour whose yard reminds you of the Garden of Eden? Beautiful flowers that blossom all year round, well-trimmed hedges that surprisingly never overgrow, and those fountains you see in movies of cupid-like angels gushing water from their mouths? I know, it must be hard living right next to them with your withering flowers, your kids constantly trampling on your plants – not to mention the dog always digging holes and damaging the soil. timberland chaussures Well, the good news is, all this can change if you follow the 3 steps below to transform your junkyard into an earthly paradise. ugg outlet france Rule 1: Take the junk out! Okay, so you literally detest the 30 seconds you spend parking your car into the driveway because you have to come face to face with the monster that is your yard. On one side, your failed attempt to start a cabbage nursery; on another, a rotting kennel of the dog you once had in 1995. When will it end! So step one, roll up your sleeves, and take all the junk out. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France En Ligne Clear all the unnecessary memoirs you have, like the radio you used when in college. bottes ugg soldes I mean, seriously? Why would you leave such things lying around in your yard? Rule 2: Respect the yard! So now you’ve completed the gruelling task of spending 5 hours in the scorching sun clearing the junk out. What’s next? Well, we now move on to the second and most important part of the exercise. Learn to give your yard the respect it deserves. timberland femme You can start by emphasising to your family the importance of keeping the yard neat and tidy. timberland pas cher A great conversation for teenagers would be like, “hey guys, I know you want to bring your friends over but picture how disgusted they will be when they find out here’s where old spare parts are brought!” If you have a pet, potty train them to respect the outside of the house just as much as the inside. Rule 3: Beautify! This should be so much fun considering you just overcame the 2 hardest steps. Find the right set of plants that suit your home. I’m talking durable all year round plants. moncler pas cher If you’re looking for the perfect flowers to impress your guests, the African Iris blossoms really beautiful ones. For a great hedge, why not try the Photinia Red Robin? You will definitely be giving that pompous neighbour a run for their money with such style.

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Clever Climbers

Climber plants have a natural tendency to climb, and some will even cling by themselves, without requiring any tying to support. Yes, climbers are very clever plants. Sometimes climbers can be called vines and runners, and the true climbers take up little ground space. They are a great investment and an ideal choice for smaller gardens and space. Lets look more closely at the key benefits of the clever climbers.

Aesthetic Benefits

Climber plants can dramatically change the feel and style of an outdoor space. bottes ugg soldes They add interest and variety to any well-designed garden. Climbers often continue to flowering when their host has finished blooming. They will change the aesthetic of your space by hiding any boundaries and cover-ups that divide your space. Perfect for growing over a fence, providing privacy or for covering an old shed or building. bottes ugg

Environmental benefits

Yes, the clever climber can reduce your carbon footprint. Climbers provide shading and insulation for walls. Some varieties such as Boston Ivy even provide the added advantage of allowing warmth through winter when the leaves fall off. Other varieties such as Virginia creeper will also help to keep moisture out of the walls. And don’t worry, climbers will not damage brickwork.

Economy of Nature

The climbing habit is a perfect example of the economy of nature. This is because the climbers gain maximum exposure to sunlight, water and nutrients while in return they ask for minimum expense in vegetative support. Most of the time the climbing habit can be contained and managed with trellises and a little bit of sensible pruning. timberland pas cher

The creative climber

The creative climber connoisseurs will love using the climber plants in different innovative ways. One of our favourite ideas is to allow the climbers to cascade from window boxes. Geraniums and bougainvillea’s perform best for this. moncler sitemap Dipladenia sanderii Red Riding Hood - Brazilian JasmineYou can also give that bleak retaining walls a softer and more colourful side by planting multiple of the same species and allowing them to cascade down. The opportunities are endless if you chose to climb outside the box. And did you know climbers are a natural magnet for butterflies and wildlife? Yes, not only people love climbers, the butterflies, birds and bees will be attracted to your new climber. This cute little climber is called a Dipladenia and is actually a member of the mandevilla family. ugg australia pas cher These attractive vining plants have really become very popular lately due to the fact they are easy to grow and have plenty of flowers all season long. ugg enfant You will be inspired when you explore our Climbers & Groundcovers section.

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Greening our cities with vertical gardening

An example of a green building.
Earlier this week we touched on what is for me a fascinating gardening topic. One that has the potential to bring back greenery to cities in a big way. Indeed many would say the idea is the future for city design; one that has many benefits beyond making our city skyscapers just looking better. timberland femme So what is this revolutionary concept? It’s the planting of flowers, vines etc through vertical gardens or green walls. Continue reading Greening our cities with vertical gardening

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Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show winner? Try your own garden design

Winner Chelsea Flower Show. Credit RHS
Earlier this week we passed on the news on our Facebook Page of the success of the Australian design team at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. Trailfinders Australian Garden designer Philip Johnson and his Aussie team did their country proud by taking out the prestigious first prize. Not only were the team ecstatic at the award but the design inspired by an Australian bush gorge got the Royal Nod of Approval according to reports! Continue reading Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show winner? Try your own garden design

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Choosing your landscape plants to help reduce the risk of bushfires

Evergreen Growers' stunning Queensland Silver Wattle is classed by the Aust. Plants Society as "fire retardant".
This week saw the start of the bushfire season in my area with a number of blazes threatening properties in the Blue Mountains and western Sydney. The quick work of the firies and residents appear to have saved the day however with the fire season appearing to start earlier every year, we thought an article about landscaping to help mitigate the risk of bushfire may be of interest. Continue reading Choosing your landscape plants to help reduce the risk of bushfires

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The Lilly Pilly — versatile, tough and native beauty (Part One)

Closeup of lilly pilly fruit
Every now and then Evergreen Growers will be publishing helpful and informative articles about selected plants and flowers. This week sees the start of a two part series on the magnificent lilly pilly. Continue reading The Lilly Pilly — versatile, tough and native beauty (Part One)