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Gardening Gadgets for Geeky Green Thumbs

There are gadgets for everything these days, for every room of the house and every situation. bottes timberland pas cher It’s no surprise that, with a resurge in the popularity of gardening, there are a number of gadgets on the market for the outdoors, and they just keep on coming! Here is a list of our favourite gardening gadgets that you can try out yourself. Wheelbarrow Water Bladder If you have a larger garden with a lot of thirsty plants, this invention will be a godsend. Timberland Pas Cher Forget filling up that little watering can for many return trips to the tap or getting that tangled hose out, there’s a much more convenient option available. moncler en ligne Opt for a wheelbarrow water bladder, which can carry up to 80 litres of water in one trip, and sits comfortably in the tray of your wheelbarrow. ugg australia pas cher femme Easy peasy! Air Pots Air pots are a great way to get your flowering plants blooming brighter and your fruit plants yielding more produce than ever! The pots sit above ground and contain hundreds of little holes around the pot, allowing more oxygen to get to the root system, and stimulating better growth. Husqvarna Automower Like a Roomba, but for mowing! This one will set you back a fair bit (over $1000, eep!), but we like the novelty factor and love the idea of leisurely sitting on the back porch with a cool glass of lemonade while watching your hypnotic robot mower do all the hard work. soldes puma One can dream! The Parrot Flower Power This little gadget and corresponding app is a great option for the forgetful gardener. Just place the intuitive monitoring gizmo into a pot plant or the soil near your plant, and sends an alert to your phone whenever your plant baby needs a bit of TLC, whether it be water, fertiliser, or a repotting. moncler Garden Boot Slippers If you’re out in the garden working in your wellies, but suddenly you feel like a cuppa, what do you do? Take off your boots and go inside right? Wrong! With this nifty little invention, you can slide these slippers over your boots and pop inside quickly, without the hassle of wrestling to get your soil-covered boots off. At Evergreen Growers, we’re all about innovative gardening. puma pas cher We’ll supply the plants, while you can tend to them however you’d like.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Backyard Space

Are you living in the inner-city suburbs? Have you recently moved into an apartment block, and all you have to work with is a balcony? Not everyone is lucky enough to move into a place with a spacious backyard, with the room to do everything you want. At Evergreen Growers, we believe that everyone should have a garden that they’re proud of, no matter the size. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to make the most out of your small garden space. Soldes Timberland Raised Garden Bed Building a raised garden bed in your small garden or balcony is one of the most efficient ways of using your space. The garden bed creates a focal point in your garden and it also allows for more space for your plants to grow. Using old pallets or containers are great way to upcycle and breathe some new life into your garden. Hanging Baskets, Pots and Plants Utilising hanging baskets, pots and planters use space that big gardens usually overlook. Hanging them from your verandah, your porch, or from an upcycled clothes rack creates different levels in your space. bottes ugg Plant cacti, succulents, herbs, vines and ferns – hang them at different lengths to create levels. Speaking of levels… Use levels throughout your space Using different platforms, plant holders and pots is a must have for small gardens and balconies. Choose a good selection of evergreens and natives as these will add bright colours and greenery to your garden all year round. Baskets homme Puma Grow up the wall With a small space, use every inch you can! Your garden walls and fences give you extra growing space if you use the right plants for it. Timberland pour hommes Climbing plants are a great choice, such as English Ivy varietals or jasmine. Vertical gardens and planters are also a fun and efficient way to grow herbs and flowers! Lighten it up! Creating an atmosphere within a small space is important when you’re working with a small space. Using lights is an easy way to do this. moncler soldes Light up your space with fairy lights, solar lights scattered throughout pots and garden beds, or candles in mason jars. Whether you need a selection of natives or climbers to make the most out of your small garden space, or you need the tools and supplies to start your project, then you’ve come to right place.

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Dos and Don’ts to Winter Indoor Plant Care

Have you caught the indoor plant bug? You know the one. ugg australia pas cher The one where you thought you’d get one plant to brighten up your room, and then you didn’t kill it after a few months, so you bought some more. And more. And then a few more. You’ve even brushed up on the best ways to look after your plant family, and you’re feeling proud about all the new leaves that you can see growing. But your obsession is more beneficial than you think. Not only do indoor plants brighten up a space but they also help clean the air and help make a room feel more like a home. Now winters arrived, and you’re worried that all your hard work will go down the drain. puma pas cher That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of dos and don’ts to help you look after your indoor plant jungle when the mercury drops. Do

  • Dust your plants – they need to breathe too! Take a look over each of your plants and if you notice plenty of dust, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. moncler Doudounes Repeat every few weeks or so.
  • Move them to allow for maximum sunlight – if their current location doesn’t give them enough sunshine, scope out the best places in your home that the winter sun hits. Move them to a bright room, near windows, or even move them outside for a couple of hours on the weekend and let them soak up some much needed vitamin D.
  • Prune dead leaves – in the colder months you might spot some browning or dead leaves. bottes ugg soldes Prune these to allow for growing room.
  • Choose plants that allow for easy care: fiddle leaf fig, succulents, cacti, peace lilies and aloe to name a few. These need less light and less care during winter.


  • Over-water – during winter, your indoor plants don’t need as much water as they would in summer. moncler sitemap It’s easy to water your plants too much – to make sure just stick your finger an inch into the soil. PUMA en soldes If it’s dry, give your plant a drink, if it’s damp you can water another day. It’s also important to keep an eye out for root rot. puma 2018 pas cher If your plants are sitting in a plate of water, tip it out to avoid this.
  • Keep them next to a space heater – if you find yourself dependent on the heater during winter, keep your plants far away. Keep your plants away from radiant and space heaters, vents and blasts of warm and cool air.

If you need a little extra advice about your indoor or outdoor winter garden, contact the team at Evergreen Growers today.

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Make Your Very Own Fairy Garden!

The winter holidays are here and what better way to spend time with your kids than by creating a winter wonderland for their fairy friends.fairy_garden There are a number of different ideas to make your little garden that use various bases and feature different architecture. STEP 1 First of all, you will need a base. moncler soldes Commonly used are existing garden beds, large soil-filled pots or old wash tubs, the base of a pot-plant, a garden box, or between the roots of a big tree. moncler sitemap STEP 2 Design the plantation and structural elements of the garden. timberland femme pas cher Is it rocky? Is it green? Is it a woodland or is it floral? Does it have moss? Is there a house for the fairies to stay when they visit? Let your child’s imagination run wild here and you may even like to get them to embrace their creativity and produce a drawing for reference. moncler STEP 3 Now that you have a plan, you need to curate the structural elements of the garden. puma chaussure 2018 These can be made or bought. You can find lots of cute porcelain and plastic pieces at $2 shops but if you’d prefer to keep on the creative, budget route, here are a few ideas:

  • Use a pine cone as a house. Help your child paint on a door and some windows onto the exterior.
  • Make a house structure out of sticks and twine — just like in the Three Little Pigs!
  • Paddle Pop sticks and glue make a great resource for crafts. doudoune moncler pas cher Seal the final structure with some varnish and it should last the weather.
  • Old jars can be painted up and connected to build a fairy fortress or buried in the soil to provide a pond or well for their pixie pals.
  • Decorate the sprites’ space with some solar fairy lights or purchase some glow in the dark stones to build a path to the front door.

The options are endless so this project won’t just stretch your child’s imagination! STEP 4 A fairy garden isn’t complete without the garden! Decide on the flora you want to include. ugg pas cher Small plants and succulents are a great idea for this project, or perhaps you want to make your fairy garden practical by planting herbs! STEP 5 Assembly. Lay out all the facets of the fairy garden so you can methodically fit them into the base. Now you can play, arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content until you decide on the final landscape.

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4 Of The Coolest Plants You Didn’t Know About

Bet you didn’t know about these cool florae! Check out our favourite obscure plants for this month! Nepenthes More commonly known as the Tropical Pitcher Plant, the nepenthes species can be found mostly in the forests of the Philippines, Sumatra and 2 Shaped like a water pitcher, this plant devours anything that can fit in its sticky, sappy opening. This can include anything from spiders, termites, worms and other insects, in the smaller buds, right up to lizards and forest rats in the larger, life-sized pitchers. These creepy crawlers have adapted to a variety of jungle uses. Monkeys drink from them, tree shrews do their business in them and sometimes the less tasty insects may even be granted permission to live in them! Cool, huh? coolest_plantsDrosera capensis Think Venus Fly Trap but sneakier! Cape Sundew is a carnivorous plant native to South Africa. ugg soldes Unlike the nepenthes species, this plant uses its gummy, sap-coated leaves or “arms” to hug its prey to death. It takes generally about 30 minutes for this plant to consume its feast alive, which would be a pretty merciless way to die. The Cape Sundew is also listed as one of New Zealand’s invasive plant pests. Victoria amazonica These oversized water lillies can grow up to three metres in diameter and, with bended edges to avoid overlapping their friendly brothers and sisters, they can act as floating devices for small animals and sometimes even babies. A fully grow amazonica can support a whopping 45kgs if the weight is evenly distribued! The undersides of these magnanimously sized are covered in thorns to protect them against the nibbles of pond-dwelling animals.Blog 1 These impressive giant leaves also flower with buds that change colour but can only be seen in the dark. Bottes UGG En Ligne On the first night they are white and female; the second, pink and male. The reproduction occurs when beetles are caught by the female on the first night, coated in pollen and released to inhabit the male flowers on the second evening. ugg femme At daybreak, if you’re lucky, you’ll see the buds close quite quiclky as the sun emerges. puma basket Dracaena cinnabari blog 3This tree is pretty spectacular. It takes its common name, the Dragon’s Blood Tree, from its sap, which presents a thick, deep red when dried into resin. bottes ugg soldes In ancient times, this was a highly-prized substance and was (and still can be) used for many things, including toothpaste and as a natural stimulant. This is an incredibly rare species and can only be found on Socotra Island in the Arabian Sea.

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DIY Chia Pets: A Lesson In Nature And Nurture

Chia pets are all the rage with young kids and are a great addition to the family garden or to sit on the windowsill inside. timberland pas cher Teach your kids the importance of nurturing when it comes to the environment with this no-fuss DIY hobby project. What you will need: Potting soil 2 tbs chia seeds 1 small terra cotta pot 1 small dish 1 knee-length nylon sock or stocking A spray bottle 2 googly eyes Rubber bands Permanent marker or permanent paint Step 1: Soak your chia seeds in water overnight. ugg pas cher femme Step 2: The next morning, you can put the soaked seeds in the toe of the nylon sock or stocking. Step 3: Add the potting soil to cover the chia seeds and tie a tight knot to tighten the nylon around the soil. You’ll need to add enough to make a ball larger than the rim of your terra cotta pot. ugg australia pas cher Step 4: Place the ball of soil in the pot so that the knot is invisible inside the pot. ugg pas cher femme Step 5: Use the rubber bands to make ears or shape your chia pet to resemble whichever type of animal you like. doudoune moncler soldes Step 6: Apply the googly eyes and draw on a nose and/or smile. Step 7: Make sure you keep your pet in a place where he or she can get exposure to sunlight. You may consider keeping it in a sheltered place outside or on a sunny windowsill inside. Soldes Timberland Step 8: Spray your chia pet with the water bottle every day. doudoune moncler homme Step 9: Wait patiently for your chia pet’s hair to grow! Chia pets are such a great introduction to gardening for young children and are a great tool to teach your kids about the patience and care it takes to grow not only plants but anything from scratch. They are great fun for the whole family! You can help your children build a little chia community — Mamma Chia, Papa Chia and all their little baby Chias — and you can give them a bunch of different looks and accessories! You can completely customise your chia pets by using a range of different DIY crafts, extending your kid’s learning to encompass creativity and innovation. Teach your child to sew and help them add patches to the sock or stocking before you create your pet! Or perhaps you can inspire their imagination to paint with fabric paint on the sock or stocking before you add the chia seeds and soil.

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Let Your Kids Grow With Their Plants: The Educational Benefits Of Gardening With Kids

The best way to teach a child is by engaging all the senses. soldes puma sneakers Gardening is a great way to do that as kids can feel the dirt, see the colours, shapes and sizes of the plants, hear the snap, rustle or crunch of leaves and stems and inhale the scent of the garden herbs flowers and vegetables. Responsibility One of the best things kids can learn in the garden is responsibility. Charging them with the task of looking after their seeds and plants and nurturing them until they blossom is a great learning curve and can also be tied in and used as a metaphor for lessons in caring for one another. ugg australia Patience The ‘Now generation’ is used to instant fulfilment. That is not possible with a living growing thing. timberland pas cher It takes time and care and, above all, patience to grow a healthy garden, which is something that not all children are taught these days. Fine Motor Skills Gardening is a great way for kids to improve their fine motor skills. Digging, sowing and balancing watering cans improves strength and dexterity. Planning and Organisation There is a lot of planning and organisation that goes into building and growing a healthy garden. bottes ugg You need to consider the seasonal blooming pattern of each plant, the length of time it takes to bloom and the best time of year to plant it. ugg pas cher Letting your children be a part of this process helps them to hone problem solving skills, while enriching their experience in organisation and planning. Mathematics There are so many lessons in mathematics that can be taught in the garden context. From counting and measurement to graphs, fractions, shapes and angles. Science Gardening stimulates the curiosity of children in concepts related to botany, biology and chemistry. In their own garden, they can make predictions (or hypotheses) and monitor the progress of each of their ‘experiments’. Healthy Eating Being healthy and developing the knowledge to maintain a healthy diet is part of growing up. soldes moncler It’s often hard to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies but it’s much easier once they are involved in the process of growing the produce as they develop a sense of pride for what they have achieved. Sustainability Getting out in the garden is the number one way for them to learn about the ecological impact of humans on the planet. bottes ugg soldes It instils a sense of ownership and responsibility in them to maintain a healthy relationship with planet Earth.

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Turn Your Garden Into A Tropical Paradise

Just because winter is quickly creeping up on us and shattering our bones with its freezing chill doesn’t mean we can’t prepare our gardens for the warmth coming around the corner. In anticipation for the warmth that greets us at the end of the long winter, why not turn your garden into a tropical oasis? The joy you will receive from stepping out into the garden on that first warm day of the year, enjoying the sun and its flowing rays on your paradisiacal garden will reinvigorate your love for the home and your love for the birth of spring. Timberland Soldes Read on for tips on how to turn your non-tropics home into a tropical haven. Be wise with your plant choice and plant densely When designing your Bali-esque garden it is important to select lush plantation and evergreen foliage. Luckily, there are plenty of plants that do just that. It is important that within your garden you create something of a microclimate. This can be done through hard structures or plantation, and they work against the effects of summer winds and winter freezes. You can then begin the laying of a quality, well-draining mix that can be easily managed, and covered by organic mulch which will hold the garden’s moisture and stop the roots from drying out through the summer. moncler pas cher You want to create a dense garden, and this means planting densely. Timberland Pas Cher There is the potential that you may have to remove plantation if things become overgrown however you want the garden to look lush, with a myriad of plants creating that ultimate rainforest effect. moncler soldes Choose large-leaf foliage plants for the base, and add colourful flowering plants to give it that extra touch of vibrancy. Plant choices for non-tropical climates include the bird of paradise, angel’s trumpets, and, of course, beautiful bougainvillea’s. For vivid oranges and reds choose cannas and clivias plants. Once you have grown a microclimate you can begin to try out new semi-tropical plants which often yield great results despite the non-tropical climate. puma chaussure 2018 We’ve got what you need! If you need a great selection of plants to begin growing your tropical paradise with, simply have a look through our online store.

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Keep Your Garden Growing For Winter

I write this as I sit in my living room, extremely cold, and with multiple layers on. doudoune moncler It’s darn chilly outside, and it’s only just turning to winter. puma pas cher Each year I forget how cold it can get, and as the month of June creeps chillingly closer, I have to remind myself to get out into the cold and do a few things to ensure my garden stays fertile throughout the colder months. moncler soldes I often have people asking, ‘how is your garden still so lush after winter?’ and I tell them the same answers every time, some of which I would like to share with you here… Take your fragile plants indoors Many people opt to leave their annuals or perennials outside during the winter months, which often leads to a premature death. You simply have to bring the plants inside during the coldest part of the year, and take them out for at least a week when the weather gets a bit warmer. This system is basically to avoid them freezing outside, so when it’s not so frosty they can be returned to the warmth. Cover vegie garden seedlings Autumnal vegetables may need protection throughout the winter. Many can survive around freezing point but if you are in an area where it gets much colder it is necessary to cover your patches in blankets overnight. moncler soldes If the weather gradually warms up throughout the day, you will need to remove the blankets so that the patch receives air and does not overheat, plastic is a good option, but if it heats up it is vitally important to remove the blankets when it warms up so that the vegies below don’t fry. Plant bulbs for spring! This is necessary for providing an element of life to your garden for when the winter months warm up and things look brighter outside. Get planting with spring bulbs such as tulips and daffodils and remember to plant the bulbs with their roots facing downwards. Soldes Timberland You are still able to plant bulbs even if it has a sprout at the top. Contact Evergreen Growers for more tips If you would like to receive more tips on the protection of your garden throughout winter, or would like to find out how to get it really going for spring, feel free to get in contact with us here at Evergreen Growers.

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10 Flowers To Plant To Attract Native Bees To Your Garden

You’ve probably heard that bee populations are sadly on the decline, and some species are in danger of becoming extinct because of pesticides, habitat destruction and less flowering plants due to urbanisation. This will have drastic effects on crop production and biodiversity, but there are steps you can take to help. Here are a few examples of flowers you can plant in your garden to attract and support native bees. doudoune moncler 1 FLOWERING GUM This gum provides a great food source to native bees and birds too. The vibrant red native flowers will brighten up your garden and make it a sight to behold. 2 TEA TREE This shrub is not only great for attracting bees, but the essential oils can be used to make soap, candles and much more! 3 GREVILLIA BRONZE RAMBLER This high nectar producing plant produces flowers for most of the year, and looks pretty while doing it! 4 BOTTLEBRUSH The iconic Australian bottlebrush genus are a hardy choice for any native garden, producing plenty of nectar over spring for bees. 5 PURPLE CORAL PEA A beautiful climber with bright purple flowers. timberland boots homme Also comes in a white variety. 6 PINCUSHION HAKEA These Australian natives have fascinating flowers and come in shrub or tree varieties. Stingless native bees love this plant. 7 NATIVE SAGE These flowers are low-maintenance and will grow in a pot or container if you don’t have much room but still want to provide food for bees in your garden. vente privee ugg 8 NATIVE ROSEMARY The adorably named teddy bear bee and the blue banded bee are a fan of these flowers, which stick around for most of the year. doudoune moncler soldes 9 CUT-LEAF DAISY This pretty type from the daisy family is a lengthy flowerer and is attractive to several different types of native bees. Baskets Puma It also looks fantastic as a ground cover and in garden beds as a filler. 10 LAVENDER Lavender is a beautiful addition to any garden, and conjures up images of quaint cottage gardens with picket fences. An added bonus of lavender is that it’s also a favourite of the blue-banded bee.