The days are becoming shorter and the mercury is slowly dropping. moncler As much as we hate to admit it, summer has ended and we’re soon approaching the cold months of winter. timberland chaussures During the wetter months, it can be easy to put garden care to the back of your mind, especially during those frosty mornings where it can be difficult to leave the warmth of your home. Even when it’s cold outside, your garden could use some care, so we’ve compiled 4 fun ways you can care for your garden when the temperature drops. ugg pas cher femme   Prune and Tidy Once the leaves have fallen, it’s easier to spot invasive climbers and crowded growth to remove them. puma sneakers Pruning is an easy way to tidy up your garden, but be careful not to prune any late winter or spring flowering shrubs or plants! Raking up any dead leaves and twigs is also a simple way to tidy up, and can ideally be used for mulch or as a great addition to any compost. bottes timberland pas cher   Pay Attention to Your Winter Flowering Plants Although you may not think your garden needs watering in winter, some plants need an extra shower. Although many plants tend to rest during the cooler months, any spring bulbs or winter-flowering natives are still growing. Remember to keep these fertilised and watered to ensure a happy growth and lots of blooms once spring returns.   Plant New Crops in Your Vegie Patch With changing seasons comes an ever-changing vegie patch! If you, like many other Australians, have begun to invest in your own vegie garden, you’re excited about the endless possibilities available to you when one season ends and another begins. There’s plenty of time left to grow some nutritious winter vegetables perfect for a hearty soup. Research your area and find out the best time to plant carrots, broad beans, spinach and lettuce as these vegetables often thrive during winter! Brighten Up Your Day with Some Colour If the grey skies are getting you down, there’s no better way to exercise some self, and garden, care than to plant some potted colour. Find some natives or bright and cheerful varietals that are already in bloom. Simply plant these in well-draining soils, keep them in bloom with deadheading, fertilising and watering, and enjoy the bursts of colour!   At Evergreen Growers, we’re passionate gardeners who love to garden all year round.